Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why is anyone working?

Okay, I am ready to rage against the machine.

I am sick to death of the takers, "Nearly half of the US population (49.5%) does not pay any federal income taxes," Heritage Foundation. So in essence 51% of the country is working their asses off and paying taxes so the other 49% can sit on their hands and just keep demanding more. The whole idea of taxing the rich so you can live in the lap of luxury is ludicrous. And to add insult to injury, "The average individual who relies on Washington could receive benefits valued at $32,748, more than the nation's average disposable personal income ($32,446)." Heritage Foundation.
So why should I work hard and pay taxes? Those lazy good-for-nothings are collecting more from the taxpayers than most taxpayers make in wages, if that is not f***ed up than I have no idea what is.

And the saddest part is, if you do some math, there is no way that we the taxpayers can afford this. If the government is giving away more than we make, and half the population is contributing nothing, where is the money coming from? Borrowing. We are mortgaging our future on lazy do-nothings.

  • How the H*ll is this compassionate? Tell that to your kids when the bill comes due, "We had to make you sacrifice your future so we could lay around doing nothing and create more children to pay for our laziness." INSANITY!!
  • The government is now wondering if enough tax revenues can be dragged out of the taxpayers to pay for just the interest on our debt, much less paying it off. INSANITY!!
  • Our President is proposing even more spending we cannot afford. INSANITY!!
  • Congress has not passed a budget for over 3 years so they have no limits on what they can spend. INSANITY!!
  • The Congress has raised the debt ceiling twice since they promised they would only need a small increase to get them through to some future date. They have blown through the increases in mere months not years as promised. INSANITY!!
  • We have become embroiled in additional wars in the middle east, even though we don't have money to fund these wars. Where is the anti-war crowd calling for an end to unfunded conflicts? INSANITY!!
  • Now our king wants to make birth control available to all women free of charge and demands that the church pay for it when it flies in the face of their deeply held beliefs. This is a power grab of unparalleled proportions. INSANITY!!

Having found myself recently among the unemployed in this nation, I am doing the responsible thing and trying to find another job, and not taking the government handout. How many people are willing to stand up for this country and do the patriotic thing that made this country great? Hard work and sacrificing for future generations has been the hallmark of the United States. I for one want to make the future for my children better than I had it. The problem is the progressives don't believe in the future, they want to spend everything on today. Why the H*ll would anyone want to work, why would anyone want to succeed, why should anyone do anything for anyone else? There is your progressive compassion: spend it ALL today. Why should this generation sacrifice when the next next generation will pay for me?

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