Friday, February 10, 2012

Producers vs Dependents » Study: Distrust Of Government A Mental Disorder

After watching the video a thought came to me. The majority of the population would qualify for this classification and would need to be quarantined. Because we all know that, with the presidents approval numbers being so low and his disapproval number being so high, a majority of Americans do not approve of this government, the majority do not trust this government, and the majority are pretty vocal in their dissent. So adding up the numbers we would arrive at the conclusion that a large percentage of the population would qualify for quarantine.

"Houston, I think we have a problem".

Taking into account the fact that approximately 53% of the population is paying for the other 47%, a very large and disastrous problem. Now I know that not all the productive members of society would call themselves conservative, but in order to "infirm" the anti-government types, would mean taking out a huge percentage of the productive population. Remember we are needed right now to feed and clothe and take care of the 47% who cannot take care of themselves and who rely on the forcible re-distribution of wealth from producers to dependents.

Okay so now Big Brother has figured out a way of removing the thorn from his side by "committing" his enemies (Obama's term) to re-education facilities. But they will also be removing the productive members of society. Is this just short-sighted of them? A few questions for you Mr president:

Who will feed, clothe, shelter and take care of the needs of the dependent class after you remove the productive class and quarantine them for re-education?
Do you really think the OWS crowd will willingly take the jobs that have been left behind? They will be the jobs that they have previously turned their progressive noses up at because they were beneath them. So the country will have an even bigger problem than they have right now. I wonder if they have really thought this through.
Are you going to force people to work at menial jobs?
Are you going to treat them as you have treated us conservatives?
How long will the labor unions last when there is nobody to pay for their exorbitant demands? How long will the country last when there is nobody producing?
Can the government who has fawned all over the dependent class, and promised them everything at no cost, actually make them produce?

This is a nightmare waiting to be awaken from. WAKE UP! (not working)

Just food for thought!

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