Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Open Letter to Senator Risser and Assemblywoman Berceau

I have held off writing to you for a very long time because I do NOT agree with your stand on many issues, but I now feel that a bold move is needed to be made along non-partisan lines with the Government Accountability Board. After the recent decision by the GAB to disenfranchise a large population of your constituents from the recall process, I feel that every member of the legislative body needs to come together to ensure that ALL the people are protected from this flagrant disregard for citizen involvement in the electoral process.

By refusing to admit into evidence the concerns of the non-partisan effort to ensure the electoral process is not abrogated by one particular small interest group, the GAB has disenfranchised the voters of WI. This sets up a very dangerous precedent, that can be used against ALL the voters in the future, and take away the power of the citizen to safeguard the election process. By taking away the voice of the people in this instance, you set up the removal of the voice of ALL people in the future. This is not just a slap to your political opponent, this takes power away from all the voters.

Please set aside the political games and see this effort as what it truly can become, You and your Democrats claim that voter ID will disenfranchise minorities and the elderly, but this action by the GAB does far worse it disenfrachises all the voters.

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