Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Protecting the People

When will the liberals understand that the second amendment is not so much about guns as it is about property rights. A weapon is a means of protecting what is mine from those who would take it by force, even if that is the very government that claims to want to protect me. Remember that where there are more gun owners with concealed carry permits, there is less crime, that is a fact. So, having guns in the hands of responsible citizens is a deterrent, not the other way around.

How does one determine who is a responsible citizen? The government allows people to have a right to defend themselves, if they mess up and use the weapon in an irresponsible way, you remove it from them. But our current administration would rather lead from a position of fear, they would rather punish all the citizenry because they can't tell who is responsible. That is how progressives view society; everyone must be treated like they are irresponsible, then there is no chance that anyone will mess up.

But that is anathema to a "free" society, in a free society all the people deserve to be treated like responsible citizens until such a time as they prove irresponsible, then punishment and correction can be meted out fairly. This is what the Constitution assumes of our society. But today's progressives would have no one able to responsibly protect themselves from those who mean them harm, and don't let anyone tell you all people are basically good and wish no harm on anyone else. That is a complete lie, there are people who mean to do harm to others, and they will find ways to do it, no matter what the laws. So to un-arm a citizenry places them in greater harm than allowing everyone access to weapons and weeding out the irresponsible.

Another reason why progressives love gun control is because it makes life easier for them. You see they live on an emotional plane, everything is based on emotion, how does it make you FEEL, is their favorite meme. So when no one is allowed to have a gun except those charged with protecting the population, they know that those who have guns are evil unless they are one of the authorities charged with protecting the people. They don't need to wonder if the person carrying the weapon is responsible or not, they know that if you are not the police and you have a weapon you are BAD. It takes all the onus off them for having to think for themselves. They can then feel good that there are no weapons to worry about.

A big part of our way of life is treating all adults as if they are responsible citizens. That is why all these government regulations are so onerous to our way of life. I am a responsible adult, I don't need the elites to tell me what toilet paper to buy, what laundry detergent to use, what light bulb to use, what garbage bag I can use, what I can eat and where I can eat it, what kind of transportation I can utilize, and whether I can think for myself or not. Progressive liberals all want to think they are making decisions that will have some greater good on society, they like to FEEL good about their efforts. But requiring a photo ID to buy Sudafed is stepping over the line.

This is just a small taste of what they have planned for the future. And despite recent studies to the contrary, I am not mentally ill because I want the government to not tell me how to think. If I want to watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh I am perfectly free to do it, and the government has no right (unless it is abrogated by a apathetic public) to tell me I can't. What right does the FDA have in telling someone they cannot inhale tobacco smoke or vaporized liquid? The simple answer is NONE.

Unless the people are determined to stand up to the elites and tell them I don't want trains, or mercury laden light bulbs, or toilets that need to be flushed twice, or my lunch labeled unhealthy, or solar panels and windmills, they will ram all these thing down our throats, and we will cease to be a "free" country. Whether you think that solar panels and windmills and trains are good for the country is not the issue, the issue is does anyone have a right to tell you that you MUST purchase health insurance or pay a fine. Big Brother is trying to take over, are we going to let him?

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