Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Healthcare, Puhlease!

Obamacare is a whole week old and already we are seeing the first signs of how horrible this bill really is. The liberal Democrats paraded their sob stories in front of us as the reason to pass this massive bill, and then when it came down to the rubber meeting the road, their so-called reason for the bill wasn't even included. There is no provision for covering children with pre-existing conditions. Instead President Obama needed to sign an executive order, after a big stink was made. I guess this is the way the whole law will be carried out and changed, with a simple flick of the wrist from our President. Okay, I have been reading the Constitution, and this is a very scary proposition. If the President can simply change a law on a whim, there is no need for a legislative branch. So even if we do change the face of congress, the President can seemingly do whatever he wishes when he feels the need. There doesn't seem to be anything to stop him from destroying 200 years of history in a few years.

Whatever is not in the current bill, can simply be added whenever the liberals feel like adding something. And if they can override the Constitution like this, whose to say there will even be an election in November? Maybe it doesn't matter if the Democrats lose in the fall, after all they have all the power they could ever want in the Executive branch gone wild. So far, Obama has rewritten the healthcare law, and put his cronies into positions in his administration without congressional approval. Is there any limit to what powers he has given himself? Is there anything he can't simply make into law with a simple stroke of his pen? We are not looking at a healthcare bill, we are looking at a complete takeover of our government, by one man. This is the worst kind of tyranny, we may as well live in Iran under the Ayatollah.

As a side bar, I saw this coming long before the election. Think of this: the Muslim world wants to destroy the hated west, and specifically the United States, but their tactics of hitting single targets has only made the west more entrenched. So how do you attack a country, and finally destroy it for good? The only way to be assured that it will be destroyed is from the inside. So how can you get someone inside to do that? The United States has a rich history of fair and open elections, all you need to do is get a candidate partial to your cause into the highest office possible. Once your man is inside, he can go about making changes to ensure he is never allowed to be voted out, and in the process destroy the whole governmental structure while he is at it. And ensure that all the power is in his hands. This is what I see Obama doing right now, he is changing the entire face of our government and putting his people in place so we the people can do nothing to remove him from power. He only needs the courts to reject any challenge to his position, and he is set for life.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Term Limits

It is time for Congressional term limits. I know this has been debated and promised by many candidates who just as quickly back down on the issue the minute they have the reigns. For the greatest part of our history there was a great deal of turnover in Congress because of "voluntary quits." the idea that a representative had to go back to his/her district and live under the rules that they had created. Today's representatives (both Democrats and Republicans) have seized the reigns of power and refuse to give them up. It is easy to pad their own cells because they have consistently made laws that apply to the common man, and have excluded themselves specifically. They have voted themselves raises, and given themselves a permanent retirement account. They will never have to live under the laws that they passed. Instead they can keep fleecing the public by drawing their 6 figure retirement income, and Cadillac health care plans until they die, all on the public dole. Do you realize that you, we, all the taxpayers are paying out of our pockets 6 figures per year for congressmen and representatives that are no longer representing us? And they also get to charge enormous engagement fees for speaking to groups after they are no longer in Washington. It is not unusual for them to charge another 6 figures to groups per year just to show up and make comments. Sounds like a real cushy life.

But just putting term limits will not put an end to this shameless pilfering. The congressional retirement benefit would also need to be limited to the time served, which unfortunately is currently around 10 years or more. "Between 1789 and 2002, 13.9 percent of House members and 21.9 percent of senators served 12 years or more, according to the Congressional Research Service. " In today's Congress, 42.9 percent of House members and 45 percent of senators have been in office for 12 years or more," according to data compiled by the authors of the textbook "Congress and Its Members." These people are so out of touch, they no longer represent us, as can be witnessed by the passage of health care reform. They think the people who put them in office (all those years ago) are too stupid to take care of themselves. Instead it is up to the government to know what is best for the people and make sure it becomes law, no matter how unpopular with the people it affects.

This is the very reason the Constitution was written in the first place. This is the reason for the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers and the early American settlers were upset with the lack of input they had with the English Parliament, who had the idea that the colonists should just shut up and pay their taxes because they didn't understand that what Parliament was doing was for their own good. Sound familiar? The current administration would like us to just shut up and pay our taxes like good little law-abiding citizens and forget about the Constitution and the people's rights. They are after all, all knowing and altruistic; only they know what is in our best interest, and the electorate be damned. The Constitution begins with the words, "We the people," for a reason. It is because the government was meant to be truly representative. The members of the legislature and Executive Branch were to be elected by the people, in order to represent the people.

We have limited the terms that the President can serve, but why not the Legislature? Are they not also prone to corruption? Can they not also be out of touch with the people they represent? Our government was meant to be "of the people, by the people and for the people." It is time we the people take back our power and vote them out, and then ensure this level of tyranny never happens again by limiting the number of terms a representative and congressman can serve away from the people they are supposed to speak for.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Media bias gone bad

The Liberal media should be ashamed of themselves. Over the years they have decried the fact that government has been very closed to them, and that they cannot report the news as they wanted to, because they were being blocked by government officials. The Bush administration gave the media unprecedented access to the Iraqi war, and yet the media still complained. Now the media has the administration in power that they have always wanted and what do they do? They roll over and wait for the President and Congress to rub their bellies with their chosen stories. And despite the media's love for our President, the government has done more behind closed doors before than during the whole eight years of Bush. The media is no longer the government watch dog, they are the government lap dog. The media have always wanted to be the fourth branch of government. They have claimed that very fact for centuries, well all I can say is "Congratulations, you have gotten your wish."
I have never been so ashamed of our media. I went to college and got a degree in journalism, but I hate to admit that now. Their hypocrisy has gotten out of hand. When a Muslim terrorist attempts to kill a large number of American citizens we are told that Islam is a religion of peace, and that we cannot judge all Muslims from the actions of a few extremists. And yet the current anger, being directed towards the liberal democrats who passed this unwelcome bill upon us, is totally blown out of proportion. The actions of a few are projected onto the whole movement. Our liberal media has made unsubstantiated claims of vandalism and hate speech into major media events and even claimed that the Tea Party Movement is nothing short of terrorists. Some of the stories written by the press have no backing in truth; there are no corroborating witnesses to some of the so-called hate speech incidents, and some of the stories have actually been made up. We are not terrorists, we are patriotic Americans who are madder than wet bees over our elected officials, technically our employees, screwing us from behind. And all our alleged government watch dog has done is turn on us and make us into the enemy.
I have a right to be angry, and not be slandered by some idiot with a pen. I have right to voice my opinion about the way I feel we have been mistreated. How dare you twist the facts to discredit me for exercising what I feel is my right to free speech, while you claim you are exercising your right to free press.

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Dave and I are sort of fed up with the current state of our representation in Washington DC. Basically the back door deals and arm twisting done to get this unpopular piece of crap legislation approved is unacceptable, and we won't stand idly by and let it happen to us. The best thing I heard about this whole thing was the Joe Biden comment to Barry, "This is a big f---ing deal." Yeah, and we are the ones who got f--ed. This is my cry for justice after getting raped.