Saturday, February 26, 2011

The tax man cometh!

General Purpose Revenue (GPR) Taxes By Source
GPR Tax Collections
($ Millions)
% of % of Change %
Tax Source FY 09 Total FY 08 Total FY09-FY08 Change
Individual Income $6,222.7 51.4% $6,713.7 51.5% $-491.0 -7.3%
General Sales & Use 4,084.0 33.7% 4,268.0 32.7% -184.0 -4.3%
Corporation Franchise & Income 629.5 5.2% 837.8 6.4% -208.3 -24.9%
Excise 647.6 5.4% 540.2 4.2% 107.4 19.9%
Inheritance, Estate & Gift 20.9 0.2% 158.8 1.2% -137.9 -86.8%
Public Utility 320.1 2.6% 297.5 2.3% 22.6 7.6%
Insurance Companies 136.3 1.1% 156.6 1.2% -20.3 -13.0%
Miscellaneous 52.1 0.4% 70.3 0.5% -18.2 -25.9%
TOTAL GPR $12,113.2 100.0% $13,042.9 100.0% $-929.7 -7.1%
Taken from the Annual Fiscal Report FY2009

What all these numbers add up to is the amount of money that the taxpayers put into the running of the state of Wisconsin.

The total we need here is 12.1 billions dollars, this is the total amount that the taxpayers contributed to the legislature. And what kind of influence did we buy with our money? A big fat ZILCH. We still don't have a seat at the collective bargaining table. The unions are spending money to get into the taxpayers pocket, and we have NO say? Maybe big business and the labor unions are no different, they are all trying to screw us. But at least I can choose to not spend my money at a business if they offend me, I have no recourse with the public sector employee contracts. The tax man tells me what to pay or go to jail. Some choice.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Labor Unions are big business for Legislature

It's very interesting to see who spent the most trying to influence our electors to vote their way. This is not something the lefties would like to admit, but it seems as if the Koch brothers have a long way to go before achieving the amounts that the labor unions have spent. Oh and look at the ground the corporations have to make up to achieve the influence of the "teachers union". The very same people who are trying to make us feel sorry for them because they are so down-trodden, and misunderstood, the teachers union outspent their nearest competitor by nearly 100%. Sounds like they are lying to you teachers. When it comes to influencing politicians, the unions have a few more hands in the cookie jar.

The Top 10 Lobbying Organizations in 2009 were:

1. Wisconsin Education Association, 7,239 hours, $1,511,272
2. Wisconsin Insurance Alliance, 1,427 hours, $777,430
3. Forest County Potawatomi Community, 1,492 hours, $756,512
4. Altria Client Services Inc., 1,321 hours, $755,733
5. Wisconsin Hospital Association, 5,126, $605,033
6. Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association, 1,379, $560,544
7. Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, 4,967 hours, $508,023
8. RAI Services Company (formerly Reynolds American Inc.), 186 hours, $466,253
9. Wisconsin Independent Businesses Inc., 7,939 hours, $458,414
10. Wisconsin Energy Corporation, 1,547 hours, $387,222.

The Government Accountability Board, State of WI February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taxes going up again.

Look here is the plain and simple truth. I am a taxpayer, I have not jealousy about your benefits package. I couldn't give a rip what you make, and how it is funded. But I will be damned if I am going to be told that you teachers need a raise this year, and I MUST make the sacrifice to pay you.
Okay, this is what it boils down to. I am told I will not be getting a raise, this year, so now I have to make adjustments for inflation, I have to figure out how I am going to continue to make ends meet with less money. How am I going to afford the rent, the car payment, the food, the utilities, not to mention anything left over for fun. And then I turn on the news and am told that the teachers will be getting a 4% or 5% raise, the number doesn't matter. Now I have to figure out how am I going to make a car payment that I can no longer afford, while you get to go out and buy a new car if you want to this year. Once again realize I am NOT jealous of your benefits. I am sick of being told that I need to make sacrifices for because you, for some ungodly reason, are more important to this world than anyone else. All because you teach our children, bah!, and what exactly are you teaching our children right now; how to break the law by holding an illegal strike, how to cheat the system with phony doctor's slips, how to bully people by holding the government hostage, how to swear and disrespect others who don't agree with you. Some fine lesson you are teaching my kids. I am sick and tired of your bullshit and I am not going to pay for it anymore. If you want to teach someone kids to lie, cheat and steal from whomever you can con, than find another way of raising money. Your system is broken and very soon, if you continue this lunacy, it will also be broke. Do not think you are somehow more righteous than I am, that you are for some reason more important to society. The day you are ready to lay your life down for your country is the day you can claim that society owes you something. Our men and women in the armed services deserve more than you, and what do you have for them? Nothing but disdain. You are the maggots that are infesting our body, and if you continue down this path, the maggots infesting the rotting corpse of what used to be a damn fine country.

The Taxpayers say "no!"

This is getting out of hand, Scott Walker needs to take the upper hand and get control back. Here is how he should handle the situation. I don't know if anyone has taken this bent or not yet. Demand that the union employees get back to work. If they do not show up at their positions tomorrow then he has no recourse but to follow this plan:
1. the union have broken their contracts by staging an illegal strike/walkout/blueday, which is strictly forbidden in their contracts. And because they cannot be trusted to sign any more contracts, this will negate the need for curtail collective bargaining; the unions will never be allowed to have a seat at the table again because they will never be allowed to sign another contract with the state into perpetuity.
2. All the current union employees that are on the picket/protest lines will be fired, and they will never be allowed to hold another government job because they cannot sign a contract because they cannot uphold a contract.
3. Let them know that there will be no coddling them. They have made a decision to break their contracts, they will be held accountable for their actions and the restrictions will be severe.
Of course they can prevent these actions from being taken by simply going back to work and allowing the democratic process to run its course.
Also, the legislature needs to deal with the runaway Senators harshly.

WI statue: 946.12 Misconduct in public office. Any public officer or public employee who does any of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:
(1) Intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the officer's or employee's office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law.

This law declares that the actions of the Senators is a felony. They are not simply playing a waiting game, they are breaking the law (not that that bothers the liberals), and in a nation that follows the rule of law, they simply cannot be allowed to get away with their actions. They are felons, the penalties are harsh, and not only are large fines involved, but prison-time is mandated.
We give them one more opportunity to return to the state to do their job or they will be investigated and impeached. They will lose their seats, and their pensions, they will lose their freedom to participate in society, they will lose their right to vote and hold public office, to carry firearms, to protest and to assemble. By not returning immediately, it will be determined that they have vacated their seat voluntarily and will be immediately replaced with appointments made by the governor until an election can be held. And the business of the government will be carried out with the replacement Senators.
Now is not the time to play nicey-nicey with these law breakers. Make them fully aware that they lost the last elections, and that no matter how they FEEL, they are in the minority and majority rules is the law of the land. They will lose their privilege to sit at the bargaining table either way, there is no middle ground, they will not be allowed to get away with their illegal actions.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A primer on liberals

What makes a liberal?
Liberals like to think they are right all the time. Liberals like to be taken care of. Liberals like to throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way. Liberals run away from their resposibilities. Liberals want to feel good all the time. Liberals need lots of friends to agree with them. Liberals stick their fingers in their ears and sing loudly when confronted. Liberals resort to playground name calling when they are losing an argument. Liberals point out stupid little discrepancies to win an argument. Liberals think being loud makes them right. Liberals don't like to admit they are wrong.

Doesn't this also remind you of someone else? Like maybe a spoiled 16 year old. Liberals never seem to mature past the adolescent stage. They seem to get stuck. Oh the wonders we could show you if you could just get past your emotional adolescence. Every parents dream is the day when their bipolar teenager finally comes to his/her senses and begins to understand the big picture. But liberals never seem to see the big picture, all they care about is their emotions.

It doesn't matter how much you know, they think you are stupid and they know everything. They have a very hard time focusing on any subject that doesn't make them feel important. I know you are angry and afraid and we are not telling you anything that makes you feel better. A liberal has a hard time arguing logically without resorting to name calling and bullying at the first sign they are losing the argument. Start using a logical answer and their eyes glaze over and their minds start to wander and they cannot comprehend. This is why they want everything dumbed down, so they can understand it, otherwise they get totally lost.

It is like trying to explain astrophysics to a toddler. They cannot understand, they simply do not have the mental/emotional capacity to see beyond their own inner turmoil. This is why they need us, we take care of them. We pay their way through life, college, employment, retirement. After all they cannot handle life themselves, they are too afraid that they will be fired to actually do any work. This is why they need the labor unions, the unions are surrogate parents for them. They cannot survive without someone making sure they don't need to be scared.

And now the liberals are in charge of the country. they thought they were right about everything, they are so sure that everyone thinks like them, that they are willing to impose their ideas on the whole world. And just like the end of adolescence, it is a tough transition to adulthood, and many liberals find it too scary for them, so they resort to the Peter Pan Syndrome and refuse to grow up. The problem is, in their idealized not realistic world, evil does not exist, except for those who want to make them grow up.

And they like to displace their emotional turmoil on everyone else. They don't understand why the world doesn't work the way they think it should and they don't understand why anyone isn't upset by this. They love to analyze why the conservatives are they way they are, after all you are wrong to think the way you do, and it must be because you are jealous, or some other emotional trauma. Liberals can simply not understand what it means to be emotionally stable and mature. For them everything is wrapped up in emotions, hand-wringing and anxiety.

The next time you run up against a liberal remember they are simply not emotionally stable or mature enough to actually handle living in this world. They need help, they need to be taken care of, they are adolescents who never made it to adulthood. Logic and truth never work on liberals, only appeals to emotion. Let them know you care about them, and that there is hope for their maturity, hold their hands when they are scared, and shake your fists along with them when they are angry. Ask Rush Limbaugh, if they listen long enough, sometimes maturity breaks through, it just takes then longer to arrive at the truth.