Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teachers unions: the new plantation owners

About 200 years ago, it was against the law to teach blacks how to read or write. White racists and plantation owners wanted their slaves to remain ignorant so the slaves could be controlled.  So the racist slave owners sought legal recourse to ensure black slaves could not be educated. " By 1835, the public education of all African-Americans was strictly prohibited."

Jump ahead 150 years to modern times, and the new plantations have once again refused to teach the blacks.  I find it appalling that the teachers unions have taken it upon themselves to ensure that black students are "dumbed down". How do they do it, after all we educate everyone in our public school system. We pay an exorbitant amount of taxpayer money to educate all children. So why do the illiteracy rates keep climbing? Why does the ignorance of history, geography, mathematics, science, civics and even current events keep getting deeper.

I am tired of the old haggard argument that it is because of the horrible home life students have, and they cannot be motivated to learn.   What a load of horse manure you are handing out.  During the worst oppression to them, black people were motivated to learn, to be informed, to be empowered.  Why is it that they could be motivated to learn while they were being threatened with physical harm (they were beaten if found reading), but today they do not even want to learn?  I am pretty sure the lack of motivation is not coming from the homes.  I know a lot of black people, and they want a better life for their kids, they want them to be educated, and many are trying desperately to find solutions to the public schools seeming lack of incentive to educate them.

Some of the worst educated people are coming out of the inner city public school systems.  When we send our kids to these schools, we are basically handing them over to a union-controlled plantation, where they are strapped to desks for days on end and forced to work, but are never actually educated.   As long as the unions keep ensuring the teachers are encouraged to spread mediocrity, there will continue to be no education in our education system.  How in the world can you expect kids to learn when you provide no incentive to them?

Now, I am not saying we should start whipping kids for reading to motivate them to learn, but lets at least allow them the opportunity to increase their desire to learn.  The current schools provide an atmosphere of discouraging excellence; do not do more than required, you will not be rewarded. And they spend minimal time on actually teaching the basics, all their time in the class room is mandated by the useless Federal Department of Education, with non-education, agenda-driven fluff: sex education, sensitivity training, self-actualization, socialistic indoctrination, self-esteem, and anti-American propaganda. All this creates in our kids the idea that they are owed something from the world, and they don't need to actually accomplish anything on their own to earn it.  And if by chance a child wants to do better than everyone else, they are provided negative reinforcement until they get over that desire.

Trust the schools?  I think not.  Trust the unions? Never. Trust the government? Puh-lease! For all three of these entities, the goal is to NOT educate the children, instead the goal is to keep them uneducated and slaves to the government.  The system has only gotten worse since the progressives have gotten control over it, and the people putting the underclass in chains is in reality the educators, who offer a free-of-charge system that doesn't educate anyone.
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  1. What reasons lead you to believe teachers unions are responsible for the education disparities between black and... (who are you comparing them to?) At one point you're citing a lack of motivation among black children yet somehow this is the unions fault? How do unions benefit from a vastly uneducated black population? You must be implying that all educators are, on some level, racist because if school is where students are "strapped to desks for days on end and forced to work, but are never actually educated" why is it only black students that are falling behind? Could it be perhaps a fractured system of how schools are funded? Funding is based on property taxes therefore poor neighborhoods have poor schools leading to shorter schools days and fewer opportunities for educational growth. Kids in middle-upper class suburban neighborhoods enjoy quality schools with newer facilities and extra funding for AP courses. Kids from these neighborhoods are more likely to have eaten breakfast. Inner city children attend schools in crumbling conditions, they are more likely to come from homes of poverty, they may be hungry, they may have to share a bed with siblings or have no bed at all. Being hungry and not sleeping all night would be quite the obstacle to learning. I think you would do well to approach this social issue from a systems perspective to see where the problem really lies. You haven't made a clear point as to how the teachers union benefits from "dumbing down the black population". If anything these disparities exist due to lack of equal funding for schools. This leads to impoverished children, the ones who clearly need more attention to succeed, destined to attend the least funded schools.