Friday, February 17, 2012

Food Nazis

Seinfeld did a non-episode titled the "soup nazi" in which a temperamental chef decides who gets to eat his soup or not. Well reality is stranger than fiction. This week a 4-year-old was attacked by the FDA's food nazi at her pre-school.

It seems that her turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, bag of chips and apple juice, was not appropriate and instead was given an FDA approved lunch that contained chicken nuggets (the rest of the lunch was untouched by the 4-year-old). This leaves a few questions to be answered.

1. Since when are chicken nuggets nutritious?
2. Why is the FDA policing sent-from-home lunches?
3. Are the FDA guidelines appropriate? And were they even followed in this case?
4. Why is the government trying to tell 4-year-olds that their parents are stupid?
5. When are we the people going to tell the government enough is enough?

The mom in this case was rightfully upset, and went to her congressional representative. The FDA has issued a statement and an updated report has been filed. The government has stepped way over the line here. And if Big Brother thinks that all one needs do is apologize and all is forgiven (while they continue to take away your rights), they are very mistaken.

In a related piece, a school administrator when asked about parental involvement in the schools, has claimed that parents are not the best at making the "right" decisions for their children. The reporter even asked "are you saying that parents do not know what is best for their own kids?" To which she replied that parents are not always the best at making decisions that are best for their kids, that the experts are far more qualified to make decisions.

I remember when my kids were in the public schools in the 80's and 90's and the attitude was the same: only back then the "experts" hid the fact that they had complete disdain for parents. It would seem that they no longer care to hide their hate.

So now the government is actually telling kids that their parents are stupid, idiotic, back-water morons who have no idea what it means to raise children properly. Remember this was a 4-year-old, the only thing she took out of this incident is that her mom doesn't understand what is good for her because she sent her to lunch with a crappy meal. The indoctrination begins early, even Hitler could have only hoped at reaching this age with his propaganda machine.

This kind of action by the government is a complete violation of "human rights" and constitutional rights. Every day they take away more and more of our freedoms in the name of "the good of society", only they are the ones determining what is the "good of society". Talk about forcing ones beliefs on others. Debbie Wasserman Schultz are you listening?

Big Brother is watching what you send as lunch for your kid to eat; Big Brother is monitoring your lives (ever heard of the patriot act). I am afraid we are losing all we held dear, when a Supreme Court Justice tells the world that our Constitution is a piece of crap, we are in trouble.

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