Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ignorance does NOT trump expertise

Most people feel it is wise to never offer an opinion on a subject in which you personally have no experience.  In health care matters, one does not ask the opinion of a cashier; in matters of law enforcement, one asks a lawyer or police officer, not the paper boy.  We understand that when we know nothing about a certain subject, we cannot offer an expert opinion.

Would you go up to a brain surgeon, as a layman, and tell him I don't think your theory on neural ganglia is correct?  I have never spent an hour studying neural networks, but I feel that I am sufficiently educated on the subject to offer my negative opinion.

Or would you say to a rocket scientist, that he/she really shouldn't have to account for the gravitational field of the sun when sending a rocket to the moon, because they are on the opposite sides of the planet?  Do you feel that your opinion is valuable?

Or would you point out to a concert pianist that they really don't need to worry about rhythm or cadence, because that is the job of the conductor or percussionist.

Or would you walk into a gun shop and tell the gunsmith that is shouldn't be necessary to clean a weapon after firing a few hundred rounds through it, even though you have never shot, nor even owned a firearm?

And yet....

Atheist and agnostics feel completely comfortable in their ignorance of religion to claim that there is no God, and to claim they understand the Bible; even though they have never read a single word it contains nor spent any time becoming an expert in Biblical Studies.

Why do you feel it is perfectly acceptable to impinge your ignorance of the spiritual realm to someone who has spent decades studying the Bible, and can explain to you nuances of spirituality that you have never experienced?

Why is it perfectly acceptable for you to judge an expert in an area from a position of complete ignorance of the subject, simply because it is in the area of spirituality? Why is it that you think that, because you know absolutely nothing about the Bible, you can impugn an expert.

How many decades have you spent reading the written Word? How many years have you spent doing comparative studies between multiple translations and outside literature? How many hours have you spent searching for the nuances between passages?  When did you become a Biblical Scholar? What I see is an ignorant Neophyte and your opinion on the value of the Scriptures is less than worthless.

Why do you feel it is perfectly okay to tell people that the Bible may contain the truth, when you have never read a single word in the Bible, and have no idea what truth it may contain? I find it simply amazing that you feel your utter lack of research qualifies you to dispute the validity of a subject you have spent no time contemplating.

Why do you think that ignorance trumps expertise?

Try that line of reasoning with any other area of study, and see how far you get.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Worst Country Ever?

Michelle Obama is famous for saying she is finally proud of this nation after the election of her husband. The school system is teaching our kids that the Founding Fathers were horrible people who couldn't see past their slaves or millions and gave us a horrible place to live. Liberals say the Constitution is a living breathing document that needs a lot of work to be workable, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is famous for telling the young Egyptian government to look at some other nations constitution because the American Constitution is flawed.  Obama himself has claimed that he could do whole lot more for the nation if only the horrible Constitution weren't tying his hands and keeping him from running the nation the way he feels.

I agree!!!

The Founding Fathers were a group of doddering old fools, who couldn't foresee the future that we live in now.  They had no clue to how badly they tied the hands of the blessed, utopian, elitists who know what is best for the people and cannot possibly have  had the best interests of the people at heart when they wrote the damnable Constitution.

It is such a shame that all those refugees from nations at war, that have seen killing and know terrible fear, are forced to move here. What a horrible nation to have to call home, the land of full on hate and unequal distribution of wealth.

It is such a shame that all those immigrants were never given an opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty, never given the chance to make a better living for themselves and their families, never given the chance to see their children educated and graduate from high school or even college.

It is such a shame that all those slaves were freed.  They had everything they could have wanted, they were taken care of, their families were cared for, they had it made. But those horrible white abolitionists had to go messing around and teach them how to read and write, and show them how to leave their comfortable homes in the south to travel to the north, were they had to subsist on their own wits.

It is such a shame that all those Cuban people had to die trying to reach the Florida shores, if only they would have realized that they had it so much better in Cuba. They would have never ventured to a nation that is so fueled by greed and corruption if only they would have been told how wonderful and easy they had it in their own nation, how their life of ease and safety was so far and away better than the horrible freedom and risk that was available to them in America.

It is such a shame that all those illegal Mexican's feel the need to cross the borders and find employment here in America.  If only they could see how bad it is to be left to your own devices to make a living and make decisions for you life that puts them at risk for failure.

Too bad all those poor people had to work for their subsistence and get a job to make sure they didn't end up on the streets. Too bad old people have to be forced out of the work place and retire. Too bad all religious faiths cannot get along and respect each other, too bad  public discourse cannot be civil and respectful of other beliefs. Too bad all those citizens have the right and responsibility to protect themselves and their property. Too bad all those citizens have access to private property.

Too bad all those sick people from around the world had to travel to this nation to get health care. If only they would realize that the rationed national health care that was promised to them in their own nation was so much less expensive and better than what could be found here in America, they would have been better off.  Did they not realize that the health care here in America is the worst ever, and their nations have it correct by providing socialized medicine for all citizens.

Too bad all those innovators had to get their patents here, too bad they had to see their inventions come to market, too bad they had to make money from their inventions, too bad they had to put people to work by creating jobs.

Too bad all those artists, musicians, writers, game developers, dancers, sculptors, and other craftspeople had to live here to see their products sold and make money.  How awful that they couldn't just offer their talents at no cost to the public and get nothing more than adulation.

Too bad all those people have to work to get money to live on. Too bad they have to be given raises and time off and benefits, and health care that are linked to work.  They should just be given all the benefits without the requirement of employment. (Nancy Pelosi is famous for not wanting people to have to feel the need to work to earn a living.)

We live in such a horrible nation.
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Why in the world would anyone want to make their home in such a horrible nation.  It is only now that the liberals are in charge that the nation can finally be fixed and made right and good for all people.

Thursday, June 6, 2013