Thursday, February 2, 2012

Put Up or Shut Up!

Why do liberals drive a Prius or a Volt? It is not because it is a cool looking car, it is not because it has great handling or has great pick-up or speed. No, a liberal buys a Prius because it gets good gas mileage; it is economical, it is green, they are doing it to "save the planet". Well guess what, the planet doesn't need saving, it is perfectly healthy, the planet doesn't need your help to remain healthy, your efforts are meaningless. (If you believe in Global Climate Change do some research of your own and learn some real science). You do it just to feel good about yourself, you do it so you can say to the conservative "I care".

This whole thing with the media going crazy over the split of Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood it more of the same. Those media people don't really give a damn about poor women's health care and breast cancer screenings, if they did they would give of their own money to charities that fund cancer research. If all you do is support taxpayer funding of research of this kind you are a hypocrite. I give the same taxes to the same research and if that is all you give, then I care the same as you, you do not care more than I do. Giving only through your taxes levels the playing field, and makes our "caring" levels about the issue the same. Get that I care the same as you care.

Yours is only feigned moral outrage. You couldn't care less about the breast cancer screenings, it is just your meme. You in the main stream media are frauds, big fat phonies. When you can provide proof that you give more than just tax money, out of your own pocket, then and only then can you go on the air and sound off like you have.

Historically you liberals have given small peanuts to any charities, the majority being given by the conservatives. So get off of your high horse and start walking in the trenches for a change. Your outrage is a fraud, and you are a fraud. Put your money where your mouth is before you open it and start pointing fingers.

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