Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Biblical cycle of government and God's people

In the Old Testament, God warned His people, the Israelites, that being subject to a human king would bring misery, high taxes, and slavery. Israel looked around to the nations surrounding her and envied their system of government. They decided to distrust God's words and pushed, begged, and pleaded until God gave them what they wanted. God always knows what is best for us, but we fail to acknowledge and trust Him. Within a couple hundred years, Israel turned completely away from God and fell into captivity. Their nation was gone. They set themselves up for the disaster. They wanted a human king to "care for them."

America was founded on principles found in the Bible, by men and women who believed that God's way is the best way. Limited government would keep men free. If men and women would control themselves, less governmental control would be necessary. But gradually, voters have chosen presidents and representatives who promise them the world, while making government bigger. In the process, we are losing our personal responsibility, sacrificing freedom for government telling us what light bulbs to use, what garbage bags to use, what toilet paper to use. Government eats up so much of our hard earned money that we are in debt for generations to come, with little chance that the bill will ever be paid.

We have done exactly what Israel did. We envied the socialism of other nations. We wanted our own king. We will reap what we have sown. If there was ever a time to return to God, it is now. Many nations would love to see our demise, and would plunder the spoils. Why do voters continue to vote for those who promise government help at the expense for freedom? It was wrong for Israel, and someday very soon, our freedoms will forever be lost.

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