Saturday, March 14, 2015

Atheists Borrow from Christian Doctrine

Evolution borrows Christian Dogma

If evolution is the path through which life, and indeed human life, resides on this planet than there are many problems with how humanity is treated.

Evolution teaches that man is nothing more than an animal. It resides at the top of the food chain simply because it has become intelligent by means of natural selection. Evolutionists believe that man is a product of the earth, and a product of the universe, that there is nothing inherently majestic or special about human beings in the cosmos.

If man is no different that the animals, than his access to the resources of the planet should be no more restricted than an ant, or a duck.  As the animals all have equal access to the resources of the planet, than man being nothing more than an animal should also have the same access without restrictions.  There is no evolutionary reason for man to not build whatever he wishes where ever he wishes anytime he wishes. No reason for an animal to restrict  its use of the resources of the planet that spawned its very existence.

Environmentalists want man to be restricted from using some resources because it "harms" the environment. That is not logical, because if man was made from the same materials as the earth was made, than by not allowing him free use of all the resources is the same as genocide, and has potential to lead to extinction of the species.  In theory the planet spawned all life spontaneously, than all life can be said to be a product of the planet, and human use of the planet is no different than a plant using decayed waste as a nutrition source. So where did the idea come from that man is the master of the planet and needs to care for the environment?

The idea that man is higher than the animals, and that he needs to subdue the planet and be its steward comes from the Bible. Many environmentalist and atheists are borrowing from Christianity to make their claim.  The only possible reason for man to be restricted from complete access to Earth in its entirety is because the Bible teaches that man was made higher than all other animals and was commanded to rule over the whole planet and cultivate it.

So there is absolutely zero evolutionary reason for man to not:

Drill oil in the Gulf of Mexico
Cut down forests
Build in wetland areas
Burn coal and fill the skies with smoke
Ignore a minor temperature change
Create chemicals that kill insects
Put animals in cages
Use animals for experimental purposes
Drive massive vehicles
Create antibiotics that kill pathogens
Have intercourse with animals
Fish, hunt, or destroy other species, even to the point of extinction
Clone, or genetically modify any life form
Enslave other races, genders, species

No evolutionary reason at all!

The only argument that man should not do these things is because the earth was created perfect and man was put in charge of taking care of the planet by the Creator of the planet.  Your welcome!

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