Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chrislam: is it possible? Updated

Many people claim that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. There is even a sect in Africa that merges the 2 great world religions into one, they call it Chrislam, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrislam.
There are many more intelligent and studious ministers that have debunked this religion and who have used lots of outside resources to convey their message.  I wish to use only 1 quote from the Quran and 1 quote from the Bible to ask my question: is it even possible? The common ground that we share is the idea that only one God exists, Allah or the Creator God. From here the religions depart unity.

Here is why:

Christians say that God makes Himself manifest in three distinct personalities. Many people have a problem with this concept, including Muslims. And yet they have no problem seeing themselves as having many different roles to play, for many they are parent, child, and employee all in one person. Much like our Creator, as Father he rules over all, like the son he serves the Father, and like the Holy Spirit he does the work;  we also have different functions to perform for the situation.
As the son Jesus, God tells us:
He (Jesus) is revealing his true nature, He calls Himself the truth. John 4:16 "Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father except through me." The purpose of Jesus life was to reconcile God with the humanity that He had created by telling humanity the Truth of His nature and show them the way to eternal life.

When Allah spoke through the angel who thus translated the message to Mohammad, the quote is:
He (Allah) is revealing his true nature, he calls himself the "Great Deceiver".  By what means does someone get to call himself the "greatest" of deceivers? Obviously, by deceiving the largest number of people. The Muslim people claim that the Christians have been deceived, but the great deceiver did not speak to the Christians, it is not them that he has deceived.

This is where the two great world religions depart from each other. There simply cannot exist a religion in which the same deity claims to be the "Truth" while claiming to also be the "Great Deceiver." The claims are simply not compatible, and to make the statement that they are the same being is not logical.

So is Chrislam even possible?

Just a simple comparison that a third grader could think up, the idea that Allah and God the Father could ever be considered equivalents becomes a nonsensical statement. One came to bring the Truth, the other to deceive. It is all black and white, so to speak.


 When Allah says to his people "Allah is the greatest of deceivers" he is saying my words are used to deceive you. But I ask, it is those who do not believe your words, or those who do believe your words who are the people you are deceiving?  Allah is telling his followers that he is lying to them, and yet they still believe him.

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