Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis the Season

Once again the season of whining is upon us.  That wonderful time of year when the atheists feel the need to force their morality on the entire nation.  By suing every city, town or village board if there is even a hint of a mention of Jesus Christ at Christmas.  It has gotten to be so bad that I have a couple of ideas on how to make them stop whining and stop winning.  It is usually just the threat of legal action against a city that puts fear into the legislators and they remove all signs of Christmas on public lands.

So, how do we fight this, and why have we continued to allow our religious liberties to be incrementally taken away from us?  Here are a couple of ways to fight back.

The next time someone says you cannot say "Merry Christmas," just show them a copy of the Constitution, pointing them to the 1st Amendment, remind them just where you get your right to say "Merry Christmas!"  Then hand them the Constitution, and ask them to find where it says they have a right to NOT be offended. Give them lots of time. Point out again the 1st Amendment and your right to wish them a "Merry Christmas!"  When they give up, simply remind them that they have the right to not accept the greeting, but you still have the right to give it.

They can act all high and mighty, but no where does the Constitution give anyone the right to NOT be offended.  If they wish to have their religious (or non-religious) beliefs upheld, then they cannot restrict anyone's rights. They always complain that the public parks cannot be used by Christians to display creches (or any depiction of the birth of Jesus), and yet they seem to forget that Christians also pay taxes.  And with the payment of taxes comes equal access for all.  If they want to restrict our access, then they must also accept their own access be restricted. It is only fair that everyone be treated equally when it comes to access to public property.

No more Halloween displays, no more solstice displays, no more celebratory displays of any kind at any time of the year. While they feel it is perfectly acceptable to accept the Christians money in taxes, they have to realize it not acceptable to restrict their use of the facilities that everyone's taxes contribute to.  The whole idea that somehow certain populations/ethnic groups/religious sects do not contribute to the public sector is ridiculous.  Obama made famous, " If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen... Somebody invested in roads and bridges." Well guess what the Christians invested just as much as the arrogant atheists did. So why do they get the idea that we are not allowed to use them the same as everyone else?

The atheists are also very fond of claiming that this country was NOT built on Christian principles,  but if that is the case, then how do atheist explain the engravings on all the monuments around the country.  Please explain to me, how did so many of our buildings in Washington DC get bible verses etched into them? How did  the Ten Commandments get immortalized on the granite face of the Supreme Court? How did the motto "In God we Trust" get engraved in our coinage and paper money? How did this happen? Did these words just appear out of thin air? Was it magic? Did some rogue criminal element tag all the monuments with Bible references without governmental authority? I am totally baffled how all the biblical references could have been immortalized in a "non-Christian" nation.

It doesn't matter whether a smaller percentage of the population is Christian or not, we still outnumber the atheists, so why do we let them get away with this?  Their unbelief does NOT invalidate our beliefs.  Their lack of faith does NOT negate my faith.  They do NOT have the high moral ground by denying all morality. It is about time we let them know, that if they continue to restrict our access to our 1st Amendment freedom, then their access must be equally restricted. The street goes both directions, and yes, as a matter of fact, concerning the roads, WE DID BUILD THAT!
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