Sunday, November 11, 2012

A letter to Governor Walker

I am once more writing to you in the hopes of reaching through the noise you hear constantly from the liberal left who never ceases to command yours and everyone's attention around them.  The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable, and does not guarantee care to anyone, in fact it takes care away from many, while promising to insure others.  I feel the need to contact you because I have seen reports that you may be wavering in your resolve to prevent Wisconsin from participating in the horrors that ACA will bring to the great people of our nation, and to Wisconsin if you concede.  This nightmare legislation was forced upon our population by a deaf and uncaring group of men and women whose only desire is to subjugate those people they portend to represent.  Please continue to stand strong against the pressure of the left to further subjugate the men and women who can least afford it.  The ACA will not increase health care to those who currently are not receiving care, it only ensures that health insurance is forced on all, even those who can least afford it, namely the minimum wage earning family that will be forced into purchasing expensive coverage or pay a fine, neither of which they can afford.  It will also mean that many minimum wage earners will lose their jobs or have their hours cut due to the excessive expense to their employers, and the risk to inflation, which will make it even more unaffordable.  In essence, the Affordable Care Act, only increases costs and decreases care.

Please again I would ask that you stand strong in the upcoming battle of the federal government's  bullying the sovereign states into following its mandate.  Even the Supreme Court declared that the federal government cannot bribe the states to participate.  I know it will mean turning down an obscene amount of federal aid, but in order to maintain the sovereignty of the great state of Wisconsin, I urge you to turn down the setting up of exchanges in Wisconsin and ask the legislature to continue to find alternative methods of caring for the health care needs of the poor here in our state (notice I said methods of caring, not methods of insuring).  Because forcing people to get health insurance does not mean they will have access to health care.  Already many physicians have said they will not be able to afford caring for their patients if the rates of reimbursement drop down, as they must, under Obama care.  Having many more people insured, and less physicians to care for them is not providing health care.  And that is what is at the core of Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Thank you for standing up for the people of your state.

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