Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why is Act 10 Working?

Why is Act 10 working?

The Labor unions have been against this thing since the beginning saying it would destroy our state. We would be balancing the budget on the backs of working class families who would up and leave our state. We would be putting millions of dollars as kick backs into the hands of a few rich industrialists and evil corporate owners. So what really happened? And why is it actually working like Walker said it would from the very beginning?

Walker promises us that he would close loop holes and remove some unnecessary drains in the budget. Closing some departments and selling off some buildings that were unneeded, and privatizing some superfluous components, like the electrical plant. He wanted to make the government lean and mean and more able to handle the future. Act 10 and the 2012 budget did all that, just as promised.

So why the uproar? Because Act 10 did exactly as it was supposed to do. The unions knew exactly what it would do and they screamed like little girls the second they found out what it would do. So in a nutshell what did Act 10 do? The only thing it did was cut out fraud, waste, and abuse. And the people depending on that money had a hissy fit.

Fraud as in the case of the University professor that retires but still comes back after a short vacation to teach and then pulls in his retirement and a salary. That is double dipping and it is fraud, plane and simple. Waste as in the case of the power plant that was not being cost effective anymore. And abuse as in the case of the WEA Trust that because they were an entity only used by union teachers could charge anything they liked for their coverage; but now they have to compete with other insurers and what is the result, the cost for their coverage has come down, and the fat they had accumulated in their company trimmed. Clearly an abuse of the taxpayers.

So the defrauders, wasters, and abusers are ticked off royally and have taken to the streets. They are not getting their piece of the pie illegally anymore. The cockroaches have picked up picket signs. But Act 10 is working despite the protests. Simply because it has finally cut out the fraud, waste and abuse that the lefties had voted for themselves. That is why Doyle couldn't balance the budget even with double digit tax increases, not only did he overlook the waste in the system, he simply fed the defrauders and abusers.

Despite the call for the recall, Act 10 is working. And only the defrauders, wasters and abusers are unhappy. We have cut the scraps being thrown to the scavengers. Eventually they will get tired and give up, but not until the drag this state down with them. The recall will cost somewhere between $9 million and $20 million. More abuse. Yet they decry the voter ID bill because it could add a couple million to the budget.

It was the right time for Act 10 and that is why it is working. The scavengers will have to find some other carcass to feed on from now on.

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