Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Climate Change Theorists: the new flat earthers

If you do a perusal of history, there are times when conventional, accepted science is so corrupt that the so-called scientists do everything they can to shut down real science. You get the whole "let's not let Galileo 's theory of a solar centered system see the light of day" attitude, and you get the nay-sayers proclaiming Columbus would fall off the edge and giving him ships would be a huge waste of the state's funds. These periods are led by a phenomenon called "scientific elitism". Basically a time when scientist think that they are the experts and ordinary citizens are not equipped to handle the complexities of scientific discovery by themselves.

This is part and parcel of today's science. You know it is. Any theory such as......I don't know....... global warming denial is looked at as something that needs to be shut down, no debate, no allowing the theories to see the light of day. After all, if they were the elite of science they would simply go along with the consensus that global climate change is the theory of the day and not try to interject any simple data into the pot. There is no room for simple observable data, there is no room for the scientific method, there is no room for thinking outside the box.

When scientists try to keep the everyday person out of the whole process of science and ensure us that they are the ones who know, watch out.... true science is not the goal.... the real goal is .....
money, power, control and ego. Stephen Hawking is a perfect example of the problem of elitist scientists. He wheels around saying he can prove there is no need for Divinity in creation. He touts his big bang theory and mocks anyone who has data or hypotheses that diverge from his theory. He thinks that only he is capable of understanding the creation of the universe. Well guess what, he is wrong, just as wrong as the scientist that held the consensus that the earth was flat.

There has been so much information coming out about the falsification of data by the climate scientists and the corruption of government funding of programs that verified the hypothesis of global climate change; that anyone who continues to push the theory can only be seen as corrupt. There is no science in climate science, unless it is classified as "junk science". The scientific method has been totally abrogated by today's climate scientists.

Let me give one example. One of my favorite targets is the whole idea that the universe is simply the result of a cataclysmic explosion of a singularity. How preposterous. Let me hit on just one quandary the big bang theorists have yet to explain. I have yet to find any scientist who can explain how a galaxy can keep its shape. Think about it this way.......when a marching band goes around a corner, the inner members march in place while the far edge is practically running. Lets apply this to a spiral galaxy, how is it possible that there are arms? The stars on the outer rim would need to be traveling at multiple times the speed of light to simply keep the shape, while the inner stars would never be allowed to rotate around the center. This is just one of the "mysteries" that scientists cannot explain with their theories.

And when someone comes up with a possible explanation that refutes the pet theory of big bang, they are resoundingly repudiated and made a laughing stock. Why? Because today's scientists are on an ego trip the size of a small continent. This is the same kind of attitude that led to the dark ages. If you don't believe me, look it up. There is a tendency of science to ebb and flow, and it has always been the attitude of scientists themselves that have led the charge. We are entering, or may have already entered, another dark age of scientific discovery. And the global climate change scientists (and Al Gore) are at the center.

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  1. It's gravity that's holding the galaxies together. We can't see it, but we know it's there by its effects. The arms of galaxies are moving at high speeds, but in the order of thousands of miles per hour, don't remember exactly off hand. As for the 'big bang', I accept the empirical evidence as astounding proof of Gods power and majesty. Wondrous, awesome, and entirely within Biblical teaching.