Friday, February 25, 2011

Labor Unions are big business for Legislature

It's very interesting to see who spent the most trying to influence our electors to vote their way. This is not something the lefties would like to admit, but it seems as if the Koch brothers have a long way to go before achieving the amounts that the labor unions have spent. Oh and look at the ground the corporations have to make up to achieve the influence of the "teachers union". The very same people who are trying to make us feel sorry for them because they are so down-trodden, and misunderstood, the teachers union outspent their nearest competitor by nearly 100%. Sounds like they are lying to you teachers. When it comes to influencing politicians, the unions have a few more hands in the cookie jar.

The Top 10 Lobbying Organizations in 2009 were:

1. Wisconsin Education Association, 7,239 hours, $1,511,272
2. Wisconsin Insurance Alliance, 1,427 hours, $777,430
3. Forest County Potawatomi Community, 1,492 hours, $756,512
4. Altria Client Services Inc., 1,321 hours, $755,733
5. Wisconsin Hospital Association, 5,126, $605,033
6. Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association, 1,379, $560,544
7. Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, 4,967 hours, $508,023
8. RAI Services Company (formerly Reynolds American Inc.), 186 hours, $466,253
9. Wisconsin Independent Businesses Inc., 7,939 hours, $458,414
10. Wisconsin Energy Corporation, 1,547 hours, $387,222.

The Government Accountability Board, State of WI February 22, 2010

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