Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yay Obama! Our Hero!

Now that the oil is stopped we have our president to thank! In his latest speech, he was on top of the leak the whole time, the oil company never did anything without being directed by Obama. And there are 20,000 people on top of this, of course these are BP people, not government. And if you listen to the leaders in Louisiana, the feds have done everything to block the clean up on the coast. All Louisiana wants to do is build some sand bars to stop the progression of the oil and help it evaporate, and the feds will NOT give them the permits to allow them to protect their coastline.

Hello environmentalist! Barry is ignoring the environment, and giving you the finger! Why do you continue to support him? Hello Wall Street, you gave big bucks to get the Bamster elected and are the enemy. Why do you not cry foul? Hello media, you forgot your ethics, you lost all credibility by fawning all over Obama and declaring him Messiah. What do you have to say for yourselves? The list keeps growing, Arizona, Hollywood, NASA, the middle class, and the incumbent Democrats. Who is next?

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