Saturday, May 29, 2010

Free speech

In a fund raising event from 2003, Hillary Clinton screamed shrilly into the microphone, "We are Americans. We have the right to participate and debate any administration." I thank you Hillary for insuring that everyone knows that we have a right to free speech. Maybe you should sit down and chat with Elena Kagen about her ideas on free speech. She believes that the administration has the right to "redistribute speech". Okay so what does that mean? In a nutshell, if the speech can be viewed by someone in power as "inciting violence", the government has the right to move in and stop the hate speech. Okay, so guess who gets to judge what is hate speech? Yeah, Hillary, Bill, Barry and Kagen. And who has the target on their backs? Right, Rush, Hannity, Malkin, and the tea partiers.

I believe in free speech, in fact I have defended your right to say what you wish. Even if I don't personally agree with it, I believe you have a right to say it. Just as Hillary proclaimed in 2003. I heard somewhere that you can tell a mature person, because they will allow free speech that they don't agree with. However, the liberals are all hell bent on controlling the speech that they don't agree with. They hate the tea partiers, and want nothing more than to restrict their right to speak up and voice their opinions, thus exercising their first amendment rights. The libs want to keep the mouths of their opponents shut, they think they have the moral high ground. Why else would they try to control so much of our lives.

But there is a small problem with this philosophy. Remember there has to be some body that decides what speech is allowed, and what is to be restricted or even denied. When this body gets the upper hand, they are very reluctant to give up control, and the fist becomes tighter and tighter. When a population is willing to give up some of its liberty for anything else, than that nation is in decline. We allowed the terrorists to get under our skin and create a fear that made us all ask for our government to protect us. So we gave up some of our freedom in order to feel safe. What else are we willing to give up. Our money in taxes, and yes, they will go up; at what point do we just allow the government to take what it wants and just let them decide what we need to survive? We asked them to control the business climate, "Please big brother, no more layoffs." We asked them to make sure we have a living wage, hello minimum wage laws. And now we are asking them to take care of our health care, what are you willing to give up for that? Nothing is free! At first estimates, everyone person living in the United States (legally) owes $821,655.00

I for one am not willing to allow Big Brother to take anymore of my liberties. I willingly will fight for my right to "participate and debate any administration", thanks to Hillary's blessings. Patrick Henry once proclaimed, "Give me liberty, or give me death", how quickly we have forgotten our history.

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