Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can you read?

Arizona's law is unconstitutional. At least that is the consensus among the top lawmakers in our country. Eric Holder, the Attorney General, Janet Napolitano, the Sec. of Homeland Security, and Barack Obama, el Presidente. All the top law enforcers in our country, and not one of them has had the time to actually read the law. It is 10 pages long, and is basically a copy of the federal law. So how is it unconstitutional? Simply because you don't like it, because it is unpopular, because it makes a group of people unhappy, or is it because they want to destroy this country from within? Like the teacher who claimed that AZ, TX. NM and CA were all a part of Mexico, and that they, the illegals, were here to take it back. Can we find someone to run this country who will actually do their job, the job they were put in power to do, instead of playing golf, and making speeches?

So far what has Obama and his administration done? Passed a healthcare bill that will cost over a trillion dollars, passed another stimulus bill, passed another bailout bill, and nominated for the Supreme court a justice who believes in banning books, redistributing speech, breaking the law by kicking a military recruiter off campus, gay marriage, and killing the unborn. And this is what is already on her public record. Obama has lead this nation to the edge of a cliff and is slowly trying to shove it over the edge. Oh and he calls anyone who opposes anything he asks for, Nazis and fascists.

As a side note, I would love to see how the money for the stimulus and the bailouts was spent. After all it is my money they are spending, should they get a pass when they ask for more money from us simply because they are the government? Can anyone say payolla? Can we the people get an audit of the Fed?

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