Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obama-care specials

Remember Nancy Pelosi's now infamous statement, "We have
to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it"?
Now that ObamaCare is law, Americans are expressing
"buyer's remorse" at a quickly increasing rate.

Here are some of the "prizes" we are beginning to discover
inside ObamaCare:

Prize #1: Senior care has been gutted.

Jim Martin, chairman of the 60 Plus Association, laments
that ObamaCare will lead to HUGE cuts in services for
seniors, especially those on Medicare. The changes, he
says, are so extensive that they will inevitably lead to
rationing of care.

"You've got a report coming out from the New
England Journal of Medicine that nearly 45
percent of doctors may start refusing to
take Medicare patients. With fewer doctors
and fewer funds, that means more people in
line, and that means if you have to have
some kind of emergency operation or test
done, you're not going to get it. That's
why seniors are upset," Martin says.

Reports from other seniors' advocacy groups are similar -
with the notable exception of AARP. That iconic organization
betrayed their members' interests and supported ObamaCare
because of the enormous financial windfall they expect to
receive in their insurance business.

By filing our lawsuit against ObamaCare, Liberty
is standing up for American seniors, who
above all others deserve coverage from a Medicare
system they paid into throughout their working years.

Prize #2: Bernie Madoff-style accounting.

One of the most painful revelations about ObamaCare is coming
through its unstated costs - the realities of budgeting and
implementing this monstrous bill over many years to come.
The bill's advertised price tag of one trillion dollars
was sheer fantasy.

ObamaCare's financial structure is based on a Ponzi Scheme
of collecting taxes for 10 years while only offering 6
years of service. In the post-passage light of day,
realistic cost estimates now range from $2.4 trillion
to unfathomably high numbers because the 2,700 page bill
is filled with loopholes that are subject to interpretation.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has repeatedly said that
ObamaCare could bankrupt our nation. Recently,
Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill, who
oversees the funding for the only state health
system comparable to ObamaCare, issued the
same prognosis.

There are literally scores of new bureaucracies listed in
the pages of the President's final bill. For instance,
16,500 unbudgeted new IRS Agents will have to be hired.
One thing is for sure: The ancillary costs of this
government takeover will far exceed those projected by
ObamaCare's architects.

Prize #3: Americans will pay higher prices for...everything.

According to the Wall Street Journal, ObamaCare's cost to
American corporations could reach $14 billion this year alone.
Companies like Prudential, Verizon, AT&T, John Deere, 3M,
Caterpillar, Valero Energy and others have already announced
the anticipated additional costs - and they are staggering.

Of course, American citizens will ultimately pay the price
for these rising costs, even for non-medical products and

Prize #4: States are left holding the bag.

Fourteen states' attorneys general so far have filed lawsuits
against ObamaCare because it is unconstitutional and their
budgets are squarely in the crosshairs. By 2014, for instance,
states will be required to pay fully half of the administrative
costs that result from the expansion of Medicaid under the plan.

These are just a few of the myriad "prizes" in ObamaCare
that are coming to light. The actual cost of the 2,700-page
bill no one was allowed time to read before it was forced
through Congress is yet to be determined. One thing is
certain: There will be many more painful "discoveries" about
ObamaCare going forward.

++Henry Waxman, the congressional bully.

Those who find fault with ObamaCare must be very careful
about how they express their opinion. Apparently, ANY
negative report on ObamaCare is going to be squelched!

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman
(D-CA) sent letters to the CEO's of companies reporting
huge additional costs from ObamaCare, demanding all
documents supporting their findings. Next, he wants to
see them on Capitol Hill for congressional hearings!

This bullying is nothing less than censorship
and suppression - the very Chicago-style
politics that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis
used to get their healthcare "reform" bill
passed. It is not to be tolerated!

++Liberty Counsel is fighting ObamaCare in court.

The federal government is forcing Americans to buy a product
against our will - or face a substantial penalty. THIS

As I have said, Liberty Counsel filed our lawsuit against
this unlawful health care "reform" package in Federal
District Court
the same day the President signed it into law.

Fighting ObamaCare in the courts is now our
best line of defense. We are quite confident
that we can win this battle. And since our
lawsuit is constructed from the perspective
of a public interest organization, it is
different than the states' suits that are
being filed by the attorneys general. It is
a vital compliment to the suits being filed
by the states and will receive its own
judicial process.

The facts of our case are clear: Congress lacks the authority
to force the American people into making insurance purchases.
Period. We are firmly resolved to resist the implementation
of ObamaCare's anti-freedom, anti-life, anti-family
provisions to the greatest extent possible.

Click here to read our lawsuit, to hear my
special audio message on the current situation,
and to sign our "Statement of Support" for
litigation against ObamaCare.

++ObamaCare's advocates are demonizing their opposition.

The architects of healthcare "reform" are depicting those
who oppose ObamaCare as obstructionists, anti-progressives,
government haters, right-wing extremists and even racists.

The use of such unfounded labels is offensive. But when
ideologues can't win arguments on the basis of fact,
they often resort to personal attacks. Selling ObamaCare
after the fact is already turning into a highly divisive
name-calling campaign.

Equipped with White House talking points, congressional
liberals are now using their spring break to sell the
alleged benefits of ObamaCare to skeptical constituents.
Meanwhile, several leftist organizations have announced
multi-million dollar media blitzes to counter what they
are calling the "misinformation about ObamaCare."

Their hope is that by November, Americans will forget that
the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of power rammed an unwanted,
unconstitutional healthcare "reform" package through
Congress and into the personal lives of every American.

++Unfortunately for liberals, Americans WILL remember.

The socialist takeover of yet another key segment of the
American economy will NOT be forgotten! There is little
doubt that the November 2010 elections will bring great
change to the balance of power in Congress. But Liberty
is taking action NOW in the federal court system
while also endorsing the "Repeal and Replace" legislative
movement that is concurrently gaining momentum.

++ObamaCare must be declared unlawful!

The unacceptable effects of President Obama's healthcare
"reform" are so alarming that this law MUST be struck
down as quickly as possible in a court of law.

Liberty Counsel has brought a powerful federal lawsuit
against the President's anti-life healthcare "reform"
bill. We need thousands of additional citizens to
stand with us.

Here is what I'm asking you to do...

1. Sign the Statement of Support for our lawsuit.

We will soon be delivering hundreds of thousands of these
Statements to all the key plotters behind ObamaCare. They
will ALL know they're not going to get away with this
subversion of our Constitution! Go here right now:

2. Forward this message to as many of your like-thinking friends
and relatives as possible.

This grassroots, Internet-based campaign is our best tool
to counter the slavishly pro-ObamaCare perspective being
broadcast by the Main Stream Media. Please make it a
priority to notify your circle of acquaintances about
our vital lawsuit!

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