Thursday, April 15, 2010

the new look of Washington DC

Come November 3rd there will hopefully be a great turnover in Washington. But even if we take over there is a lot of hard work to be done. It will not be easy to repeal all the bad law that has been allowed to fester for way too many years. The healthcare bill is not the real problem, it is only the catalyst; the liberal left has been slowing (incrementally) changing the face of DC into their image for decades. The house cleaning will need to begin at the top. Okay, here is how I think the new DC should look.
1. There is no need for a national department of Education. They have done nothing but make our education system over, and lower the literacy of our next generation. I say there time is done, they need to be sent on a permanent unpaid sabbatical. The education of our children is best handled at the local level, and the bureaucrats in DC are only suckling on the tit and need to be weened.
2. Another department that needs to be weened off the taxpayers milk is Health and Human Services. To repeat, this is best handled at the local level. We do NOT need a federal department.
3. Can anybody tell me what the Department of Commerce does? Maybe we need them, but if we don't know what they do, why?
4. Department of the Interior should be downsized. We can keep the DNR, after all they take care of the National Parks, but this is another bloated department that sucks up a lot of tax money and what do we get from them?
5. The Agriculture department has become the antithesis of what the name stands for. For the most part they are in the business of paying farmers to not use their land.
6. Transportation. They need to be abolished, the interstate system is in place, there is no more need for the full operation of this department.
7. The Treasury department we do need to keep, although a bit of house cleaning could be done here as well.
8. We need to keep the Department of Defense, we could even expand this by merging the Department of Homeland Security and Defense into one house, and have them share. Okay I know sharing between department is not normal, but it would certainly help save us some money. Sharing is such a radical concept. And for that matter why is the Department of Veterans Affairs separate? They should all be merged under one Department of Defense.

Okay I think you are getting the point here, there are way too many cabinet departments, at last count 15. Do we REALLY need all these people in DC telling us how to live on the local level? We could certainly do with combining a bunch of them under one roof and come up with a grand total of four necessary departments.
1. Defense
2. State
3. Treasury
4. Attorney General

Along these same lines, do we really need 9 Justices on the Supreme court? For a large part of our history there were a lot less. I think that the next 4 justices to retire, we just let them retire, along with all their staffs. The court could function just as well (maybe better) with five, the only thing we need to make sure of is that there is an odd number and that there is sufficient diversity to allow a FAIR hearing.

Now I know that there is probably no one that will have the balls to actually do the house cleaning necessary, but at least I got this off my chest. The Constitution is alive. and the conservatives are not dead.

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