Sunday, July 19, 2015

What is a life worth?

We live in a world that is living in squalor. Hatred and destruction are everywhere we look; from the Middle East where ISIS is destroying monuments, to the Southern United States, where the call is to exhume bodies of the “intolerant”, and erase all signs of our culture because of its perceived history.

We see the awful things happening around us, but don't want to admit that the reason things are so awful is because of us, and yet the simple truth is that we don't NEED to be awful. Human life is so valuable that Almighty God had to experience extreme suffering and torment of soul to show us a better path. Christianity has the solution, but the sinners in the world cannot see the simple truth.

Others religions, such as Islam, do not confer value upon human life. In fact, a video was making its way around the Internet in which a Muslim woman hoped her son would become a suicide bomber and take the very lives of the same Jewish people that had just saved his infant-life through a complicated surgery because the Muslim people do not regard human life.

In our own culture, the cult of abortion is removing the value from human life. By denying its very significance from conception, we are denying the merit of human life throughout the life span.

The current din coming from the homosexual crowd calling Christianity hateful is due to the simple fact that sinful people cannot separate their sin from their identity. It is easy to see when they continue to demand that we accept them as having been “born this way,” while denying that being born homosexual is contrary to their belief in the theory of natural selection.

For Christianity the world is clearly definable, sin is the nature of man, and yet man is redeemable. Man has greater worth and must somehow see that his sin is the monstrosity that is blinding himself to the truth; the Truth that they are truly priceless.

A eye-surgeon knows that removing the cataract will be a painful surgery with a lengthy recuperation, but the end product is worth the process. To leave someone blind and pitiful is cold-blooded, not the other way around. So in essence, despite the hue and cry that Christians are being mean for calling the world out on its sin, they are really trying to clear the mud away from the sinners eyes so he can see how truly valuable he is in the eyes of the Almighty Creator.

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