Sunday, April 26, 2015

Naturally, Humanity is NOT gay!

Here is my take on gay lifestyle:

In the Middle East it is acceptable to screw animals: camels, sheep, goats and donkeys. The Muslim people see nothing wrong with this practice, but we think it is deplorable and not acceptable.

Here in the US, we have a population that thinks it is acceptable to screw a member of the same sex. The Muslims think it is deplorable and, in fact, will stone, or hang, or behead or throw the person from a high building to kill them.

But simply observe how the human body looks. The man has a penis, and the woman a vagina, and these two apparatuses fit together perfectly. This is the natural design of humanity. The design of the human body was naturally meant for the use of these body parts in this fashion, anything else could be considered unnatural.

So for a human to have sex with a member of the same sex is UNNATURAL.  I can see it, and even those who think homosexuality is okay can see it. It is not natural and I should not be made to claim that I do not have a problem with it.

Another take:

Today’s question is: Why does the world say that an unchosen sexual disposition isn’t changeable, but an unchosen gender is?

Here the writer uses the terms unchosen to describe homosexual disposition. I agree it is a choice.... Here's why:

There is nothing natural about desiring a member of the same gender (see above). So when one begins to have those desires a choice is made....... to either accept the desires or to deny them
and choose to accept the natural choice. Only when you make the choice to accept same sex attraction as your predilection do you begin to act on it. The desires may be real or not (nothing has yet been determined psychologically), but the actions that lead to the homosexual lifestyle are clearly a CHOICE.

Homosexuality is not something we are born with....... but your gender is something you are born with.
The hypocrisy of demanding that we accept homosexuality as unchangeable and gender as changeable is laughable. Gender is natural, homosexual inclination is NOT natural.

If I can look at you, another human being, and say you are white, or black, or male or female.....but not say you are gay, then it is NOT NATURAL, it is not something you were born with. Demanding I say otherwise is simply being a bully.

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