Sunday, January 20, 2013

Speech from Guns Across America

Dave and I made our way to the State Capitol this Saturday, Jan 19th to stand in support of the Constitution.  For us it is a ten-minute drive, for many of the others with us it was a much longer trek, I was very encouraged with seeing many new, and unknown to me, faces.  It is great to see the march of freedom is gathering yet more people to the ranks.  The current administration and his crony media would have Americans believe that freedom is passe, that we are in the minority, but I can tell you, from seeing so many new people, the march for freedom is not backing down we are gaining speed and strength. 
I do not want to see the road to European-style socialism and bankruptcy that our federal government seems hell-bent on taking us lead us to become just another third-world puppet dictatorship, or worse a tyrannical oligarchy that tramples over her citizens and treats them like cattle.  We can, and must, fight with all we have in us to see this is not the end result of the progressive era.  We were very taken with this speech:

We the People have to take back
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