Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We, in America, have redefined greed and charity, envy and covetousness. I for one do not understand how a man who gave a large percentage of his income to charity can be called greedy, and a man who steals from the general treasury to pay for his lavish lifestyle is called generous.
How much of the money that the president has wasted on vacations and golf could have been better spend on AIDS research, or Juvenile Diabetes or even for food stamps? The whole world has been turned upside down and anyone who can put two thoughts together needs to put a couple of thoughts together before they fall for the lies being told by our president.
I personally would rather see a leader who know what real charity is; income redistribution is not charity, it bastardizes the system by giving a false sense of charity for paying your taxes and removes the responsibility of the individual to care for those less fortunate.
I do not see progressives giving more money directly to charity, all they demand is more taxes. Charity starts when you open your own wallet and give, whether that be: of your money or your time or your compassion or your empathy or whatever you have. And that means that NO ONE is off the hook, these days only those with money, A.K.A "the rich," are expected to contribute to charity, the poor get a pass; but the poor can give just as much as the rich, only in other ways like time and energy.
For this reason, the current idea of taxing the rich to pay for the underclass will never work, because it removes the responsibility of each human to take care of his brother. And yet, being conservative I am called the greedy one and the compassionate liberal who refuses to give anything other than tax money is called generous.
Charity starts at home, not in Washington D.C. We have been told the poor will be with us always, ever stop to think why. It is because charity is meant to be for both the giver and the receiver. You will never feel it if all you do is pay your taxes.
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