Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where's my vote?

 I know, voter fraud is rare, but take a look at this.

To say that election fraud is rare is like a man standing under an apple tree, and seeing one apple on the ground, declares unequivocally that apples are rare. And that there is absolutely no need for baskets to collect them. Even after a crowd encourages him to look above his head, he refuses and continues to affirm that apples are rare. Not realizing that all he needs to do is look up and he will see the thousands of apples ready to be picked and preparing to fall.  All we need to do is stop denying the election fraud and it will become clear.

All these stories and witnesses have been ignored and denigrated, where is the rule of law in this country?  If you don't apply a standard equally, you don't have a standard.
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