Saturday, June 23, 2012

Post Recall Thoughts

A few things to consider now that the will of the people has prevailed.

I know the lefties think they are speaking for the people, but the voters have now had their say, and have given the state a mandate. Despite your desperate screams, it is still OUR HOUSE! And this is exactly what Democracy looks like, the majority rules!  You basically got your wish, so please learn some restraint, it just so happens the majority believes differently than you.

1. Leftists love to demonize their opponent, calling them every name in the book. We are NOT demonic, we are just like you, trying to not run out of money before running out of month. We have taxes to pay, car payments, mortgage payments/rent,  and utilities payment. We are the middle class, and we are not dumb hicks or yokels, many of us have more education than the elite. For you to pretend that we are somehow too unsophisticated to understand how you think things should work is not making you look all that good anymore.
2.  We do NOT want "dirty air and dirty water", we are just as much concerned with the environment as you. We are more concerned with not allowing thousands of people to starve to death than about whether a moose might have to change his mating habits. We have different priorities, saving the world means taking care of our people, not worrying about whether the atmosphere will get heated up by 1 billionth of a degree by my light bulb.
3.  You do NOT care about the poor and down trodden any more than we do. Just do some research on who (conservative or progressive) gives more charitable donations before you try to brow beat us with your compassion (or something). I also do NOT understand why it is acceptable to allow violence in the inner city neighborhoods and think that somehow you are being non-judgmental by giving them stuff like free cell phones? Let's not deal with the violence issue, lets just give them more stuff.  How is giving a fish a day more compassionate than getting them jobs and teaching them how to fish to sustain themselves?
4.  We have NOT been lied to by big corporations, we have not been bought by the Koch brothers. We think for ourselves and know that spending money we don't have is not fiscally responsible. No we did not balance the budget on the backs of the middle class, the Doyle budget was already destroying the middle class. We want responsible spending, not austerity measures (which will happen if spending isn't gotten under control).
5.  We are NOT terrorists for not allowing the President to raise the debt ceiling, we are not Nazis for taking control over corrupt unions,  and we are not fascists for cleaning up the fraud, waste and abuse in government.
6.  Death threats are illegal, and we are NOT afraid to stand up to bullies (Mitt Romney is NOT a bully, nor is Scott Walker). Scott Walker stood up to the union thugs and we had his back. Recall that!
7.  Voter ID is NOT suppression, and the investigation into Eric Holder is not a witch hunt because he is trying to stop Voter ID. The election process is a sacred trust, and by not allowing the people to ensure its purity is nothing short of criminal.  There is no concerted effort to disenfranchise anyone (except the dead), in fact, voter ID will have the opposite effect by making sure that everyone is allowed only one vote.
8.  There is NO conservative "war on women". Where in the world did you get this ludicrous idea? Birth control/abortion is not a right (I will change my mind if you can find those words in the Constitution). We are not anti-abortion...we are pro-life.  We have been accused of caring only for the baby, but guess what, again, you are completely wrong; we care about both parties, mother and baby, we just don't think taking the life of either is acceptable.
9.  If you have voluntarily become a dependent on government, don't complain when they change what they decide to give you. It is NOT your money to begin with, it is not owed to you for any reason, and taxpayers like a little thanks from time to time. Just because you want free health care, doesn't mean it is free. Somebody has to pay for it, and if it is not you......then who?
10. Justice ceases to be justice when it is NOT applied blindly and equally. Forcing every newly passed piece of legislation through the courts is not justice. And refusing to acknowledge the wrong doing of one party and blindly hate the other party for doing the same things is not just. Either stop pointing fingers or start holding your own party to the same standard.
11. Wall Street is NOT the problem, overreaching government is the problem. We do not need more government, even if that government seems to be compassionate. Prohibition didn't work with alcohol, what makes you think it will work with soda?  We will keep our laws off your body if you keep your laws off my Smith and Wesson.
12.  If you believe that companies need to be forced to provide benefits to their employees, and that employees need to unionize to get respect from their managers, you are most likely a Walker hater. But if you think that business owners are also humans and that they already respect their employees; if you think employers bargain for a fair wage through negotiations with each employee, and if you think the free market is the answer to today's economy , then you probably stand with Walker . The free market does work, it just needs to be unhindered by all the government regulations that are supposedly for the benefit of society.

On a more personal note, I understand that the poor tend to live in run down neighborhoods, and can't afford to fix up their homes, but do you have to do further damage? Do you think that by vandalizing and destroying your own stuff will make us want to give you more? I do not get it, you demand we take care of you and give you everything you want and then you trash what was given to you, do you really think we want to keep giving you more? Oh and statistically, the poor in America are the richest poor in the world, in some countries you would be on par with their middle class.  Maybe be a little appreciative from time to time.
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