Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Constitution is under attack!

We face a grave crisis. Not just as a nation, but also as a people. Quietly, without fanfare nor debate, the cornerstones of our freedom are being stolen away by both Obama and the establishment. The watchdogs, the press and media, are being very quiet, passive, and toothless to stand up and speak.
Part of the problem exists in our own stupidity as long as it does not directly step on our toes nor slap in the face , it’s OK. The demons in DC, only work publicly with partisan flare for our benefit. But in those dark halls, they gleefully stab us in the back, and slip the shackles of a feudal bondage led by Obama. So yes, slavery is back and alive and well, with a stooge, willing dogs, all for the powers to be.
We’ll start with warrant less searches. Just as the Supreme Court here allows GPS usage as not violating your privacy rights, so now the 7th Circuit Court has rules a cellphone search of your records to obtain your numbers is allowable. In Michigan, the police can download your private info at a traffic stop. These searches are A-OK in both California and Florida. But in Ohio, they cannot. As Judge Michael Posner has written, “ Now with the touch of a button, your cell phone is entry to a full house search”.
“its like a diary. As police can open yours to copy addresses, they now can turn yours on to learn its owners numbers. But yet cannot yet examine your letters (texts) in your phone. “
They key word here is YET.
It seems non-intrusive enough, to bypass a warrant, but Obama and Congress refuses to act on this invasion of your privacy.
The next hidden stripping of your rights that DC loves and Obama gleefully signed is this beast. This unconstitutional act is known as the The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act. It allows the government to designate any place they decide where is it is a place whether Free Speech or Association is not allowed and therefore illegal. The powers to be (which covers all areas ---down to local city/county level) decide what is legal based on the 100% content of the parties usage. So Obama, Or John Boehner, even dimwit Debbie Wasserman decide if your constitutional right to exercise your grievances shall be allowed!
Even thought that right is framed in the Constitution, the 1st Amendment is tossed aside and into the trash, as THEY do not care for your disagreements, an as such can be used to brand a citizen a terrorist! So any one who gathers and expresses your rights can and will be arrested, down to prosecution under the fullest extent of the law. So if you wish to do so, that right is a very empty right.
Now this abomination passed by BOTH the House and Senate with only 3 (THREE) dissenting votes, and Obama signed it quickly also. Justin Amish (R-MI) says “ This bill expands the law to make it a crime to enter or remain in vicinity any place an official is visiting even if an innocent party does not know it’s illegal nor has a reason to know if that place is covered. Criminalizing 1st Amendment activity violates freely our rights. So entering anyplace covered on official business or functions stifles our freedoms fully an act of National (or governmental) importance is jail for you!
So as Amendments continued to be added to it be both very worried and angry!
The next Obama act subtly snatched is your right to due process under the law is, is your unimpeded ability to travel freely that was passed and signed in May. “The Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Act of 2012 . “ Inserted deep into this law, like the NDAA of 2011 (regardless of the signing statement ), has a wicked Trojan horse that is a fool you wording statement. Section 40304 allows the IRS power to revoke your passport!
You have back taxes due (or fines)! Levied by an unknown party that decides you are in serious debt to the government, and the Commissioner of the IRS will uphold that decision, whether rightly or wrongly made. So no Judge, no Court, no Jury, nothing is given to given defend yourself. And in a quick stroke, your citizenship revoked!
Do they have the right? Can through claimed back taxes or fines that we the unrepresented give them the right to do so? Taxes with our representation? Does this allow taking away your natural rights?
It seems so now, making freedom an illusion only given by paying the claimed by them taxes due. So does that freedom a Government given illusion to make us believe we are more than true slaves to them, no more than human chattel to their bondage.
Does this mean we will now serve unconditionally in a vastly expanded debtors prison, then bow before the faceless to regain any standing? What it is, in fact, a “Bill of Attainder” which is in not in its part and whole what the Revolution was fought for!
Article 1, Section 8, Clause 9 of the Constitution FORBIDS it! Not without a LEGAL conviction of fraud or evasion. Nor without a judicial judgement either. UNCONSTITUTIONAL and wholly illegal to even try anyone for it!
Not that Habeus Corpus matters to those folks in the White House or in Congress, it seems. So again, Obama and his fawning underlings expand Executive Power without a peep from Congress. Your rights are surrendered. Your are guilty without charge. You have no rights!. And so quickly the true enemies of the people smile, tell you lies, laugh, and pocket our freedoms quietly.

And, as of March 22 of this year, the Justice Dept. under orders from the Executive (again Obama) are to retain all info on US citizens, even if you have no ties nor connection to terrorism or a group engaging in such. This allows more faceless people to take and hold that info for at least 5 years, instead of being destroyed immediately, if no evidence is found you are engaging in terrorist activity. And as Atty. General Holder (he is of Fast and Furious fame, perjury charges pending) can also share your info with other agencies.
“A number of different agencies looked at issues to be comfortable with protecting the country” an unnamed official states. This info varies from visas and travel records on every traveler, permanent residents, and even US citizens that will be used by anyone, including the FBI. From the 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act every Federal agency (over 30 so far) you are scrutinized! “ We don’t want an important piece of any info hidden in some back hidden filing cabinet”, states Mike Rogers (R-MI).
These words “tangible things” and “relevant” go far beyond the law as no one is absolutely sure what they are, beyond Obama again and his allied establishment. And every day it gets more dangerous for all Americans.
As we go through primary season up to the November elections, we must act NOW! It starts with replacing every one in Congress up for election and their god Obama. We must end our submission to DC and its denizens and purveyors of bad government. Allowing a dictator to remain in OUR house is worse that doing nothing. In November, they ALL are term limited with recourse and regain our well earned freedom while we can or else! This goes without any explanation.
It is time to act NOW!
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