Thursday, December 29, 2011

Retirement, get yours now, they are going fast.

Our generation will be the one to get screwed royally. The end of the baby boom will not see a dime of the money we put into Social security. Our parents will have their retirement but will not be able to leave us anything, as they are getting the shaft also. And the next generation will simply say to us, "Screw you, the government stole your money, do you really expect us to help you out, why don't you just up and die already." They won't pay for our retirement (like we paid for our ancestors) because they will not have a social security plan to pay into, they will have to fund their own retirements. So if our country survives this economic turmoil, they will have their retirement because it was necessary for them to plan ahead.

So where does that leave my generation? Working until we die, we are the screwed generation. Those retiring now can live out their lives in leisure, spending the money that the politicians stole from our generation. That leaves us high and dry, withering away without any hope of leisure in our later life. To you I say "Thanks a lot for thinking of your kids and grand-kids. Now we get to pay for your life of theft from us."

And does anyone really think the next generation, our kids and grand-kids will just chip in to allow us to rest, after decades of hard work? Does anyone really think this will happen? Anyone naive enough to hold onto that idea? They are going to have their hands full with saving and investing for their own retirement, and they will have earned it by themselves.

I have also worked and saved and invested and the government has stolen everything, and now they also want to simply take (without my permission) my 401k plan money, because they it need to fund their massive deficit. We are so screwed. My social security was used to pay back the friends of the a**holes in DC, and what little I could manage to gather instead of their plan, will be stolen from me as well; without even a thank you.

So, Mom and Dad, enjoy your last few years remembering that I will probably never get to see anything like it. Just think about this, I will probably be working nearly full-time until well into my 80's or 90's, and one day just not call or come into work because.....I am dead. I don't like where my future is heading. I am not blaming my parents, they earned their social security, they earned their retirement. But so did I, and mine was stolen from me by Washington DC and their pals, I will end up having to pay twice for something I will never see.

Is anyone else depressed?

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