Thursday, December 22, 2011

How do you define compassion?

The next time a progressive calls you greedy try this argument. How compassionate is it to take resources from a worker and give it to those who do not work. Notice I didn't say those who "cannot" work. There are jobs available. McDonalds is hiring, but most people who are unemployed will not take that job because they somehow feel the job is beneath them.

The Bible says if a man will not work, he should not eat. Notice it doesn't say if a man cannot work. It is not about ability or aptitude, it is about will. If a man chooses not to work because he can get more resources from not working, then we have the problem with entitlement. How compassionate is it to let a man take from the resources of others who contribute, when he is able to contribute himself, but refuses to? That is not compassion that is greed, and it is happening all the time with the current poor.

Many of them are poor because that is the path they have chosen. The welfare mom who keeps popping out babies to increase her monthly allotment from the workers while giving nothing back to the world. The OWS protesters who have college degrees but will not work for a company that doesn't give them a six figure salary. The union laborer who demands a larger salary and extreme benefits packages while the taxpayers cut corners and scrimp and save to put money away for a retirement that they may never be able to afford. The illegal alien who takes cash payouts with no paper trail and pays nothing in taxes, and has children born on our soil only so he can claim citizenship for his child.
All of these are a drain on our society, and this is what God was saying when he said a man who will not work should not eat.

So the progressive will pull out the whole compassion argument at this point. "How can you be so greedy and not share with those who aren't able to work?" But I made sure to point out this is for the man who chooses not to work, not those who through some physical or mental incapacity cannot work. The system itself is broken, because some think that it is our responsibility to take care of everyone. But how compassionate is a system that takes what someone has duly earned through hard work and gives it to someone who refuses to work?

So then the, "But through no fault of their own, they cannot find a job." diatribe will come out. If they are willing to take a job that makes less than they feel they are worth, then I have no problem helping them out. But if they refuse to work because they think a job is beneath them (can you hear me OWS?) than once again; how compassionate is it to take from the hard working individual to give to those who will not work?

"But you have greater advantage, these people have so much more to overcome to get a decent job." Oh really, so the fact that I had to work for $.50 per hour take home, after paying for child care is good enough for me but not for thee, then I have no compassion for those who think minimum wage is not enough. Work is not a guarantee, it is a privilege. Many more people need to realize that they are not "owed" a job; you need to work for it, and work hard for it, especially if you want the six-figure salary.

My contention is that it is actually harmful to just allow people to scrounge off the hard work of others. It disincentives work and removes the sense of self-worth people need to feel good. The whole movement of equalizing outcomes is harmful to the nation and the people, it makes work anathema. If you don't get to keep the fruits of your labor, what reason is there to work? This is not compassion, it is actually more harmful to the people to let them continue to sponge off of society.

The solution is not an easy one, for the most part people believe that they are entitled to a living; whether that be through a job, where there is no need to actually work hard, or to an entitlement program where they need not work either. So how do we again instill a sense of worth to employment? I don't know if there is anyway to do it other than to rip the band-aid off in one quick rip. Yes it will hurt in the short run, but we have to do it. We have a whole segment of society that will scream at the top of their lungs, but if we are to have any compassion, we need to do it fast and we need to do it soon.

No more kicking the can down the road. No more false compassion.

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