Thursday, October 6, 2011

Open season on unarmed citizens

What is so horrible about guns that has the liberals all up in arms over concealed carry? I just don't get it.
I stand before you unarmed, am I a danger? NO
Okay I strap on a gun and stand before you armed, am I a danger? NO
If I was not a dangerous person before I strapped on my gun, why would the gun make me a dangerous person? This is where the liberals get lost. The gun is not going to jump out of my holster and shoot you itself. Nor will it grab my hand and put my finger on its trigger. The liberals just simply cannot conceive of a law-abiding citizen carrying a weapon for personal protection. The guns are not the problem, the problem are the criminals, and simply carrying a gun doesn't make a person a criminal.
As much as they hate the second amendment, it is the only thing standing between their bleeding hearts and bleeding to death. Cities all over the state are quickly pushing through laws to restrict where law-abiding citizens can carry weapons. WHY? This is ludicrous. Why don't they just put up a sign saying "open season on unarmed citizens here"? The only people these signs are going to stop are the law-abiding type, the ones who could stop a criminal from going postal in one of these off-limit places.
I feel less safe going into any of the posted business or government facilities than any where else on the face of the planet, except maybe in an aircraft, because there will be no one to stop a potential threat. So liberals think long and hard, the Gabrielle Giffords incident was an act of a deranged kook with a gun, wouldn't you have been more comfortable if the whole crowd could have fought back and stopped the criminal? Or are you ready for more Gabrielle Gifford moments?
I for one will be avoiding any business or government facility where I cannot protect myself from the deranged kooks. And secondly, I will be working to get the signs removed from these places so law-abiding citizens can exercise their Constitutional rights.
And remember, the guns are not the problem, the problem are criminals and an unarmed population. The criminals, not the guns, are slavering over who to choose as their next victim.

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