Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New thought to ponder

As I have been going through my daily reading of blogger entries. A commenter "Former Law Student" posted on the Althouse blog "Is there something the US could be doing that it's not? Remember we're stony broke and our military has no gas in the tank."
Stay with me here for a moment. We are currently not allowing drilling for oil in our own country. Obama has put a moratorium on drilling, we are more dependent on foreign oil than ever before (even though he promised us we would end our oil dependence). But by disallowing drilling in our own lands and off our own shores, he has put us at the mercy of the oil producing countries of the world even more, he has put us under their control, under their proverbial thumb, so to speak.
Now if a country wanted to shut down the mighty military of the United States, what would be one of the quickest and easiest ways to take away their response? Take away their oil. Think about this, seriously. Our military is VERY gasoline dependent. Aircraft, tanks, military vehicles, ships, helicopters, etc. all dependent on gasoline. So if an oil producing nation were to decide that they didn't want to have to deal with the US military what is to stop them from simply refusing to sell to the United States. What if OPEC decided tomorrow that they were not selling, at any price to the United States? What would our military do? We the people would simply have to make sacrifices, but how can our fighting men and women overseas defend themselves?
And how would we get ourselves out of this mess if it were to happen? It takes years to get the drilling going, this is not something that can be done over the weekend, or even a couple of months down the road. We would be in a world of hurt, and Obama has basically put us at the mercy of the oil nations of the mid-east. My only question now is did he know this, and did he do this on purpose? Not only is he leaving weak, he is bringing us to our knees in servitude to the Muslims.

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