Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When will the revolution begin?

So the Democrats think that they can sway Scott Walker to give up his crazy idea of stopping the train? After all, Walker was much more compliant when he was a lowly state assemblyman, and they think he can be made to see the error of his ways. WTF do these doofus liberals think is going on in this state? Not only are they no longer in charge of the governorship, but they lost the Senate last time, and now the Assembly will be in Republican (and hopefully more conservative) control. And they still think that the conservatives are the ones who need to compromise. What arrogant bastards. You LOST! We don't want your ideas anymore, we want some fresh ideas, something that doesn't stink to high heaven of payoffs, and corruption. Wisconsin is a red state, it has been a very long time since common sense reigned in this state, and finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And what is the reaction of the loser liberals? They still think that we need to compromise with them. NO NO NO the days of compromise are OVER! Hopefully the new government will not be swayed by these arrogant mothers, and retain the common sense ideas that made the voters trust them. I am not sure how long it will be, if the bamster has his way, but it is still WE THE PEOPLE that control the direction on this state, and the nation.
I am beginning to wonder when the right will start adopting the violent tactics of the liberal left, like Obama's friend and mentor Bill Ayres? If you want to you better get your guns now, it won't be long and the progressives (nee Nazis) will take away our right to protect ourselves against our enemies, foreign and domestic.
It is just coming at us so fast now, the new Nazis are pulling out all the stops now, so many changes from so many directions, it is hard to know what to protest next. Like when a judge in OK decided that a constitutional amendment cannot become law despite the fact that the people voted to amend their state Constitution, the world has been turned upside down. January is coming and hopefully we can regain some sanity, it may take awhile to undo the damage done to our nation by the Muslim in the white house, but I believe with God's help we can do it. Actually, it will be only with God's help that we can do anything.

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