Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nobody likes an extremist

No matter whether we are complaining about government in general, the current president, or the TSA, nobody wants to believe that we are losing our country. Chronic complainers, extremists, bigots, racists...all labels for those who disagree and are cynical. Now it appears that if we disagree with being groped, fondled, and sexually assaulted at an airport, we will be investigated and our names added to a watch list. Never mind that the TSA has NEVER stopped a bomber or terrorist. American citizens, including nuns and 6-year old children, are targeted. The constitution, the beloved founding document and guarantor of freedom, explicitly forbids "unreasonable searches and seizures." If a police officer patted down every motorist, we would revolt (I hope). But because the government says this must be done to prevent an attack in the skies, we allow humiliation and groping of our genitals!! Now we are told that the molestation by the government will be extended to rail and buses. I am saddened, discouraged, and angry. My country is soon to be gone. I don't know if tyranny will destroy us, financial meltdown, or a foreign invader, but we are so weak, our citizenry so complacent, that we are in mortal danger. I do not feel free to suggest the few options that exist to save our freedoms, but the despotism of our current government scares me to the point of desperation. God save us!

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