Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Doctrine of scientists

The so-called scientific community thinks they are the experts in their field and therefore can tell us what they call the truth and we are to take their word for it and believe them? This is the problem that gave us global warming. Now Stephen Hawking says that God is irrelevant to Big Bang theory. Okay, so was he there when the Big Bang happened, did he have his Polaroid camera out to capture the moment? Who is he to say that God is irrelevant?
His theory of the Big Bang is LOADED with unscientific irregularities. that have no answers in our current understanding. And so the physicists come up with all kinds of imaginary solutions, that require more faith to believe in than any religious doctrine requires. Some examples: dark matter, dark energy, expansion, flatness, and lumpy universe. All of these pose great consternation to the physicists, and yet they shrug off serious dissent with nothing more than a smug dismissal, simply because the detractor hasn't a PhD in their specific field. I am sorry to inform you experts, I am not a rube, I know of what I speak, and I do not agree that you are an expert in anything.
Climate scientists all over the world think we are destroying the planet. Yet their data has been tainted, not only were certain numbers exaggerated, but other data was dismissed as irrelevant. They lied to us, they cooked the numbers to get the results they wanted, not the real results, not the scientific findings, but they faked the data. The faked the theory, they lied to us. And the politicians and global whiners who continue to push this fake theory down our throats need to be prosecuted. Global climate change, or whatever name they want to refer to it now, is bad science. No, it is not science at all! It is doctrine.
Another example of the doctrinal zeal of science comes from the theory of evolution. Another theory that has numerous complications. Just to name a few, the fossil record, the time problem, missing links, and intricacy problem. Not to mention the problems that are raised by cosmology that would preclude any attempt at evolution of species on this planet. Evolutionists use circular logic in all their arguments, for example, there are records of homo-sapiens found in the fossil record at time periods that they should not have been. The fact is that these fossils have been found, and because they cannot be there due to the theories time frame, the fossils have to be suspect not the theory.
Oh, and another point, since when does a consensus of scientists simply agreeing about a theory make it scientific, or the truth? The problem I see is that scientists think that they are in the elite. That because they have the education they are the only ones who can understand these theories. The regular man hasn't any idea about the intricacies of their area of expertise, so therefore they cannot understand anything about the theories. Since when did science become the sole possession of the experts? Science is meant to be shared with everyone, not kept secret amongst a small group of elites.

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