Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is really going on?

Obama spends 20 minutes talking to the head of BP, and then heads out to the golf course for over 2 hours. This is beginning to look a lot like the Roman Empire under Nero. The oil gushing out of the well is not really his priority, otherwise he would have put more effort into his meeting with BP's CEO. So what is his solution, make a speech and start saying he is going to kick ass. We don't have a commander in chief, we have a finger pointer in chief. He has NO solution for this, all he is concerned with is making someone pay. And then shut down the oil industry for six months. HUH? This is akin to shutting down the airline industry because one plane crashes. Insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expect different results. We may not be seeing it yet, but Obama wants to raise the taxes on energy, on oil, and who is going to pay the for this? Does anyone want to spend $4-5 for gas again?
Lets place the blame for this whole oil spill problem where it really belongs. BP? Nope. The government of the United States. BP is drilling on federal lands, they are under stringent restrictions from the US government, imposed on them because the environmental wackos didn't want drilling closer to shore, or heaven forbid on land. BP had to go through a bazillion hoops and cut tons of red tape just to get the rights to drill in the first place, included in that was oversight by the US government. Where was the oversight? Is this because of George Bush and Dick Cheney? Nope, this is on Obama's shoulders. HaHa, last year, the Horizon platform got an award from the US for safety (the Obama administration). We are now trying to vilify the oil company execs, we are holding congressional hearings for crying out loud. I would really like the BP people to let the congress have it, but that will not happen, they gave big-time money to the Obama campaign, and he owns them, he makes them say what he wants them to say.
Oh and what about the so-called leaked e-mails at BP that congress is claiming admits fault. What about the e-mails leaked about global warming? Everyone involved in that debacle should have to appear before congress and justify their crimes.
There are deals being made behind closed doors, that are destroying our way of life, and Obama is doing nothing but vacationing and playing golf. Mr President, I don't care if you plug the hole, just do your damn job!

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