Wednesday, June 9, 2010

screwed again

We are getting screwed again. Not only did we pay to bail out Goldman Sachs, but now it would seem that we are paying through the nose again.
PASS IT ON - this is disgraceful- you will just shake your head after
> you see this.
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> This is not a joke - it explains a deal made by the FDIC with a bank
> that bought mortgages from a different bank that had to close it's
> doors; and how much the bank that bought them is going to make by
> allowing the loans to go into to foreclosure (or to sell the houses at a
> loss), as opposed to working with the current mortgage holders to help
> them keep their homes - it made me sick... my cousin works at Wells
> Fargo in their mortgage division, I think this video was meant for
> people in that field, but they do a pretty good job of explaining how we
> are all being screwed by this deal...

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