Monday, November 17, 2014

The new Overseers

I may be beating a dead horse.....but...... During a debate, the comment came up that empowering of the black people is not something any government program can do, it is something that blacks need to do for themselves; but that every time someone rises up to defend and empower blacks they end up dead. If it is true that every time a black leader rises up to empower the black population that person ends up dead......then what can be said about the Reverands Al and Jesse? These two are very much alive, they have become wealthy influential men in the black community, trusted by most blacks, but are they empowering the black community? Here is what I think of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson:
History, during the time of negro enslavement, leads to the conclusion that some of the worse treatment to black slaves was from black overseers. The white family couldn't be in the fields all the time, so they hired "trusted" blacks to see to it that the work got done, by whatever means necessary, including violent punitive action. The overseers were meant to keep the slaves under the thumb of the plantation owner, to keep them under control; he was meant to keep the slaves busy, never giving them time to foment a rebellion, to realize that they outnumbered the owners, and that the slaves had the power to control their own destiny; which they could have realized through education. In fact when some of the white abolitionists tried to educate blacks, by teaching them to read and/or write, they were turned in by black overseers.
The overseers were not above using whips and starvation to keep the slaves in line, placid, and uneducated. Basically the black overseers were meant to KEEP the slaves enslaved. Al and Jesse are the "trusted" blacks, nothing more than overseers, meant to continue the enslavement of the black community. And any black who doesn't toe the line will be, by force if necessary, brought back into line. This is the reason Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Alan West, Thomas Sowell, and many other conservative blacks have taken such a beating; the overseers are not doing their job and are letting some blacks become too "uppity" as LBJ said.

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