Monday, March 11, 2013

Following like sheep

Mark Twain said "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." Every socialist, communist, and Nazi dictator knows this from his rise to power. Truth is irrelevant. What is relevant is what the people believe. Specifically, what matters is who the people perceive you to be.

Hugo Chavez died with a net worth between $1-2 billion by various accounts. Human Rights Watch points out that Hugo Chavez’s presidency was characterized by a dramatic concentration of power and open disregard for basic human rights guarantees. Yet his people kept electing him, and praised him for caring for the poor. The lack of sense of reality is replicated over and over in history.

Joseph Stalin was honored as a great leader in his time, as he convinced peasants of the evils of the rich while enslaving millions of them in labor camps to make himself rich and powerful. Likewise, Hitler's propaganda machine hid the evil intent behind his political ambitions and racist policies that led to the murder of millions. The world was in denial of the atrocities while evil reigned.

People do not want to believe the leaders that they elected are that evil. They would rather live in denial. Americans believe that our president has altruistic and compassionate motives. But when the evidence shows that he is following the game plan of his mentors, which is specifically to deceive the masses to attain the end of weakening America, the conclusion can no longer be that he is magnanimous. He is just as tyrannical at heart as the dictators of history. We all want a Savior, a hero. But he is only a deceiver. Don't be fooled. Admit it. We are in trouble. Maybe it's possible to turn from going down the road of destruction if we see the truth.

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