Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Voter ID prevents identity theft

Here is something to think about with the Voter ID laws.  Many on the left have made the claim that this disenfranchises minorities and the poor.  But lets look at it a little deeper.

In order to vote, the person must be registered.  Whether you choose to preregister with the municipality of your residence or at the nearest polling location, you must perform this step before they will hand you a ballot.

Should you choose to preregister, you must provide ID and proof of residence to the city/county clerk. If you choose to register at the polling place, you must provide ID and proof of residence to the registration clerk. So in order for anyone to vote at any time, they must already provide ID and proof of residence. There is no way around this requirement. You MUST have ID to register to vote.

What the liberals are fighting is the requirement to show your ID when you appear at the polling place to cast your ballot.  Now why would they be so adamant that this is inconveniencing the poor and minorities? It makes no sense that the poor and/or minorities will be disenfranchised because in order to register they have already had to provide ID. Everyone whose name appears on the voter registration rolls has had to prove their identity.

The reason they don't want to have to show ID at the polling place is quite obvious. They are not voting as themselves, they are committing voter fraud, and identity theft.  If someone can provide me with a better explanation I would be willing to entertain it. But I see their annoyance at the laws as usurpation of the Constitutional guarantee of one man/one vote.

Voter ID laws are meant to provide obstacles to voter fraud. No matter what the liberals claim, they do not now and have never disenfranchised voters, as the Supreme Court of the US has previously found in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board and Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita. As long as each voter needs to show ID to register, showing ID to vote is constitutional. No matter what the liberals may claim.

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