Friday, March 9, 2012


I can't recall the day it happened, it was a dark day in the history of my beloved women's movement. The day the Progressives took over and hijacked the women's movement. Being one of the old fashioned feminists was always hard work. We never questioned that it would not be easy, but we felt that we were fighting for the good of all women everywhere. We set out to prove that all women are capable of handling life on their own, we never questioned that it would be hard work. We knew it would be hard, we were setting out to prove that we do not need anyone but ourselves to survive.

But now the progressives have taken over and hijacked the whole movement. And now they have paraded one too many whiny little brats into the debate and the whole movement has been set back decades. We never once asked for anything to be handed to us free of charge, we never expected big brother to take care of us, we were dead set against any such hand outs. We wanted to prove to the world that we could do it on our own. And now with this stupid Fluke woman and her "I can't do it on my own, I need a man to take care of me" crying fit in front of the whole nation, what started out as a glorious exercise has been destroyed in one fell swoop. I am furious.

Remember when the women's movement was about equal pay for equal work? How in the world did it become this private clique that only the chosen few are invited to? When did it become okay to allow men to call some women MILF's and cunts? I thought we were fighting against the degrading of women. Only when you ogres start decrying the obvious assault on all women can you claim to speak for women. You have done more harm to the women's movement by your inaction.

I did not put in 30 years of sacrifice and hard work without any help from anyone to have the progressives tell me they appreciate what I did, but they will take it from here and tell me that I actually do need someone to make it, and they are the ones to tell me who that is. Well guess what, you silly little twits, the women's movement was about empowering women to stand on their own, to prove to the world that we were equal to men, that we didn't need any special treatment. But somewhere along the way, these progressive morons hijacked the movement and made it into some kind of imitation. The mantra now is, how can we get the government to take care of everything.

I am totally peeved that liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Gloria Allred, and Hillary Clinton have seen fit to redefine the women's movement into this monstrosity. This is the real war on women. And then they have the audacity to tell me that I am no longer wanted in the movement. If I don't believe like they do, that I am unfit to take on the title of "feminist." I am sorry to say to you that I am the original definition of feminist. It is you harpies that have mutated this beautiful movement and made it into some kind of bride of Frankenstein.

I mourn the day that our wonderful undertaking was commandeered and I am not happy about it. These twits do not speak for me. I want my movement back.

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