Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What part of NO don't you understand?

We the Bank of America (i.e. the taxpayers) say no we will not increase your credit limit. You have not wisely spent the trillions of dollars we have already loaned you, what makes you think we can trust you with even more money. You have reached your credit limit, that is all there is to it. You can either stop spending so much borrowed money, or you can default, the choice is yours. The answer is NO.

I am also tired of everything being a "crisis" in the eyes of the Democrats. Oh for crying out loud, first it was global warming, then health care, and now the debt ceiling. It is not a crisis, you just don't want to be responsible so you make it look like the responsible party, the people who are saying no, are nothing but a bunch of party poopers who don't want to give you what you want. Suck it up, stop the temper tantrum already. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!

We saw a huge temper tantrum in Wisconsin this spring, the unions were all over the place with their "Walker=Hitler" signs, the "F**k Walker" signs and all kinds of Communist slogans marching on the Capitol square. So what has happened? Why hasn't the world ended already, collective bargaining was the holy grail. The schools were going to implode, the teachers were going to get shafted and end up on the streets, the unions were going to dissolve in to piles of liquid goo, patients were going to be piled three or four to a room, and nobody was going to get their meds.

Well guess what, none of this has happened. The world goes on, in fact, of the 18,000 new jobs created in the United States this last month, 9500 or so were in Wisconsin. So unions, how is that drumming working out for you? How is "recall Walker" going to bring jobs back? Guess what, the jobs are coming back because of Walker's budget, even though you think all he did was give tax breaks to the rich. So the rich just decided out of the goodness of their hearts to hire people this last month? The companies that are hiring are doing this because they feel the pain of the unemployed and want to contribute to society. NOPE!

They are hiring because the climate to hire is more positive here in Wisconsin, they don't need to worry about taxes being raised so they can now use some of the capital they were sitting on due to the uncertainty of taxes and use it to hire some new people. That is how capitalism works, that is how profit motive works, that is how private industry works. And guess what, when private industry works, so do private industry employees who consequently are paying the taxes that pay your sorry a** wages.

Maybe someday you will also be able to grow up and become mature adults who pay their own way instead of demanding that someone else sacrifice so you can live high on the hog. The government unions have become the bane to society that was predicted so many years ago, by none other than FDR.

This video explains it so well.

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