Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to fight a fire without corporate influence

At the beginning of the fight over the collective bargaining privilege, there were calls from the leftists to try to live in this world without government influence, with that they meant to cow us into admitting the government workers are necessary and are worth their weight in gold. Thus, unless we ordinary taxpayers wanted to forgo the use of the police or the fire department or streets, then we should simply shut up and take our medicine. And then the whole argument sunk to the depth of the Koch brothers hatred and calls for boycotts of the companies that refuse to show support for the unions. Now we are getting the usual screech to "tax the rich" and by the rich, they mean the corporations like the Koch's own. So lets use their age old argument and see where it leads.

The unions members hate corporations, so much so they want them to give up all their profits to the union employees, if it isn't in the employees pockets, it doesn't count. So the government employees, having no corporations to be beholden to, can get away with not using anything that a corporation has produced. Or can they?

So how do you fight a fire without corporate influence. The fire is only two blocks away from the firehouse, so response time should be quite quick. However...... no corporate products can be utilized.

No alarms can be sounded at the firehouse because the alarms were made by a corporation, the electricity provided by another corporation, and the phone call wouldn't get through due to the telecommunications being a corporate entity.
You cannot use the fire truck, it was made by a corporation, and the fuel used to move the fire truck, another corporation.
The road, which may have been constructed by government union labor, was made with corporate concrete extracted from corporate gravel pits, utilizing corporate-made heavy equipment.
But the fire is only two block away, no need for the roads or alarms, we can see and smell the smoke, we can run to the location. BUT.......
Although there is plenty of city water available, the fire hydrants are made by a corporation, so they are off limits. The hoses are another corporate product. So how about an old fashioned bucket brigade? Not possible, the buckets were made by a corporation, and don't even begin to think you could use your helmets, boots, or any other protective gear, corporate products also.
So how then do you fight a fire without corporate influence, the only weapon you have left.......
you piss on it.

Try doing any government job without the corporations. Before you hate on anything and everything corporate, remember the corporations are what is keeping this country running, they sell their products to everyone so we can all do our jobs. And as a bonus they hire us to do the jobs that pay for the products we need to buy from them. So how is taking more from the evil corporations going to benefit the working families? Maybe the liberals need to answer some tough questions before they begin screeching for a recall. Which side of the bread is the butter on?

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