Friday, March 26, 2010

Media bias gone bad

The Liberal media should be ashamed of themselves. Over the years they have decried the fact that government has been very closed to them, and that they cannot report the news as they wanted to, because they were being blocked by government officials. The Bush administration gave the media unprecedented access to the Iraqi war, and yet the media still complained. Now the media has the administration in power that they have always wanted and what do they do? They roll over and wait for the President and Congress to rub their bellies with their chosen stories. And despite the media's love for our President, the government has done more behind closed doors before than during the whole eight years of Bush. The media is no longer the government watch dog, they are the government lap dog. The media have always wanted to be the fourth branch of government. They have claimed that very fact for centuries, well all I can say is "Congratulations, you have gotten your wish."
I have never been so ashamed of our media. I went to college and got a degree in journalism, but I hate to admit that now. Their hypocrisy has gotten out of hand. When a Muslim terrorist attempts to kill a large number of American citizens we are told that Islam is a religion of peace, and that we cannot judge all Muslims from the actions of a few extremists. And yet the current anger, being directed towards the liberal democrats who passed this unwelcome bill upon us, is totally blown out of proportion. The actions of a few are projected onto the whole movement. Our liberal media has made unsubstantiated claims of vandalism and hate speech into major media events and even claimed that the Tea Party Movement is nothing short of terrorists. Some of the stories written by the press have no backing in truth; there are no corroborating witnesses to some of the so-called hate speech incidents, and some of the stories have actually been made up. We are not terrorists, we are patriotic Americans who are madder than wet bees over our elected officials, technically our employees, screwing us from behind. And all our alleged government watch dog has done is turn on us and make us into the enemy.
I have a right to be angry, and not be slandered by some idiot with a pen. I have right to voice my opinion about the way I feel we have been mistreated. How dare you twist the facts to discredit me for exercising what I feel is my right to free speech, while you claim you are exercising your right to free press.

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